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Best Pants for Big and Fat Men in 2017

by on June 8, 2017


OK, you’re a big guy, and let’s say you gain weight more easily and get really full around the middle and even in the hip area. So, the question you’re probably asking right now is, what are the perfect Pants that will fit you?

What you need are clothes that will make you look great even as a fat person. You may want to go for pants that wouldn’t add any extra bulk on your hip and tummy area. It will be an excellent idea if you go for a flat men’s Pant that can skim your body and will not make you look bulky and heavy.

However, choosing the right Pant is quite a tough job, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from.

So, which men’s Pants should you choose?
That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 best pants for big people in 2017. So, you can have a look and choose the best Pants that suit you.

Top 5 Best Pants for Big Men

TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant- Our Editors’ Choice of the Best Tactical Pants

best pants overweight guy

The Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant is no doubt one of the most popular series ever built by TRU-SPEC. The Men’s 24-7 is also one of the most sold men’s pants of all time. Even till date, it’s still one of the best men’s pants out there and number one on our list.
The Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pant offers different and unique features from other men’s pants. It doesn’t look like other tactical pants; instead, they look like work pants.
This particular men’s Pant comes with the best fitting and the most comfortable pant on the market. Whether you are on the job, or at play, the TRU-SPEC Tactical pant allows you to maintain a casual look while still having the functionality of an amazing pant.


The Pant is made from a breathable Spandex and a cotton rich fabric for comfort and better color attention. Unlike the WORKWEAR, this Tactical pant features a slider waistband that eliminates the need for gathered elastic or adjustable side pack. So you don’t need to adjust the side tabs.
The fitted Silicone in the waistband helps you keep your shirt tucked in the gusseted crotch.
One nice thing about this Men’s pant is that it features a Teflon coating that is stain resistant and durable to wear.

The pant offers eight pockets. These pockets include a deep front pocket with two utility pockets inside. It also comes with a knife accessory pocket, and a cell or magazine pocket.
You’ll also find a cargo pocket and back flap pockets with hook and loop closures. The pant also comes with internal knee pockets for optional knee pads and an additional zipper pocket on top of the cargo pocket.
The reinforced knees of the pant are also designed with pockets for inserting knee pads. The reinforced articulated knees make this the perfect and rugged performance pant for work or play.
The Pant is big enough to accommodate and give you a comfortable fit as the size of your body varies.

Bottom Line
The Tactical Pant is my all-time favorite and best men’s pant for both slim and big guys in 2017. The breathable Spandex, the cotton rich fabric for comfort, better color attention and a few other features, makes this product an excellent choice for anyone.

• It has a self-adjusting waistband
• Durable and stain resistant
• It comes with the perfect fit
• A good number of spacious pockets
• Lightweight but extremely durable.
• Wrinkle free

• The legs are a little bit baggy
• No gusseted crotch to improve mobility

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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men’s Ranger Pant- A perfect alternative to the TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7

pants fat guys

A perfect alternative and a head-to-head competitor to the TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Pant is the Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men’s Ranger Pants
For both big and slim guys, this Wrangle pant is the best pant you can ever wear. The WORKWEAR is one of the most durable and gorgeous pants you can find around.
Design and Effectiveness
It is made from a 10-ounce Ripstol cotton and comes with an ACO so that the pant can rest comfortably on your hips as a big guy.
It features a gusseted crotch which, if you’re bending, kicking, turning, moving, punching, gives the Pant stability and durability.
The pant features extended inseams for flexible movements and its leg openings easily fits over your work boots.
Not to forget that it also features a zipper belt closure and the belt loops in the openings gives you a secure fit.
The rugged denim keeps the color and abrasion resistant for long lasting wear.

Pockets and Knees
Wrangler has all the features. The Pant is a very functional tactical type application and comes with a reinforced pocket. The pockets are nice and roomy. They do expand out a little a bit, allowing you to put in a lot of bunches inside.
The back pockets are lined for durability. The rear pockets are reinforced with an inner layer material which prevents the pocket from wear and tear.
You will also see a leather-painted pocket guard tool for greater resistance.
The knees are reinforced and have a hole in it so that you can put your knee pads if that is okay with you.
The sides of the Pant come with a triple stitching and a double stitching in the knee reinforced area.
The reason why this is listed as number 2 is that this Pant doesn’t have a flex waistband. Also, there is nothing in the back of the Pant that will keep your shirt tucked in. However, it’s comfortable to wear and comes with the perfect fit.

Bottom Line
The WORKWEAR Men’s Ranger Pant is one of my favorite and best men’s pants for big guys in 2017. The design is splendid. A good number of spacious pockets, reinforced knees, triple stitching, the durability, and comfort are enough to give you the perfect outfit even as a fat person.

• Perfect fit and comfortable to wear
• Tough and sturdy
• Profound and spacious pockets
• High-quality material
• Gives you ease of movement

• No flex waistband
• The crotch is prone to wear
• It has a high tendency of becoming hotter during warm weather

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Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant-The Best And Most Breathable Pants

pants overweight people

If you are a big guy, looking for a pant that is lightweight, cool and fits perfectly, then the Haggar Men’s Cool is for you. Haggar is the master when it comes to lightweight and cool pants. No other brand can beat Haggar when it comes to producing the best breathable pants.
The quality of this Pant is superb and keeps you cool all day, even in hot weather conditions. The stitching is just solid and classic and fits you perfectly well.

Design and Effectiveness
The Hagger Men’s Cool is made of 100% Polyester to wicks away moisture without sacrificing comfort. The plain-Front Pant features a fabric material that is soft and cool. This is why this is the best pant for guys who live in hot regions.
Even if you wash the Pant, it won’t show any wrinkled sign. It has an extended waist, and a buttoned jetted back pockets and side-slant pockets, which are unique features.
The expandable waist holds the pant in place. The pant also features a pleated front and a classic fit, giving you access to move freely without any restriction.
Another fantastic feature is that the fit is not too tight and it stretches a little, which gives you added comfort.
Even when you’re in an awkward position, this pant will move with you and won’t restrict your movement. The Pant is not too thin or too thick. It’s durable, comfortable and comes with the perfect fit.
The pockets are well-made. The cell phone pocket is only on the right-hand cargo pocket.
However, I do have some few gripes about the Pant. First of all, you will notice some tear in the crotch after wearing it for a long time.
Secondly, the Pant isn’t waterproof and feels more like a Karki material that was turned into a pair of cargo pants.
Notwithstanding, these downsides are by no means a deal breaker to me. These pants are one of the best you can ever get.

Bottom Line
Overall, the Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist is an outstanding Pant that offers you the latest features you can get from a men’s pant for both fat and slim guys.
The fact that it doesn’t restrict your movement, and gives you a fresh feeling because of the 100% polyester material, makes it an excellent buy for anyone.
• The pant comes with great fit
• Elastic waistband
• Wrinkle free even after washing it
• Not baggy
• Breathable material
• Comfortable to wear even in hot seasons

• Comes in a plain material
• Not waterproof
• You might experience some tear in the crotch after some time.

Available on Amazon

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Men’s Cargo Pant-The Best Utility Pants


When it comes to utility wear, no brand in the market can beat Cherokee Workwear Scrubs. If you are looking for a utility wear that is not too high in fashion, then this particular men’s pant is for you.
Cherokee is an American brand that is always known to deliver quality Pants. And this product is one of my favorites.
The Pant is perfect and comes with great comfort and aren’t too light or too heavy. It’s the perfect and practical scrubs pant for outdoor use.

Design and Effectiveness

The Cherokee WorkWear is made from 65% and 35% cotton. The pant comes with an elastic band round the waist and a reinforced drawstring for a better fit. So, you don’t have to tie the drawstring around your waist to keep them on.
The men’s pant is fully hemmed to give you enough room to bend down comfortably.
The quality of this particular brand speaks for itself. The Scrubs Men’s Cargo Pant is comfortable to wear and warm even after you’ve washed, dry and fold them up.
One striking thing about this scrub is that it doesn’t need ironing, which shows that it is very easy to maintain. You can simply wear it around your house, or to a grocery store, or anywhere of choice.
It comes with a lot of loose-fitting to give you smooth movement, especially if you’re a big guy.

The WorkWear offers 7 pockets, which include 4 cargo pockets, a button up back patch pocket, and 2 slash pockets which have an inner pocket. The inner pockets feature two bands for holding bandages shears and penlights.

Bottom Line
Everything about this men’s pant is great. But I couldn’t find the Pant comfortable compared to the above brands because the legs were too baggy.
Also, I was a bit concerned about the back pocket not featuring a secure button or a zip pocket.
With that said, I don’t see these drawbacks as a deal breaker because the Cherokee WorkWear men’s pant is absolutely fantastic.
There’s no doubt that this pant is the best men’s pant ever designed by Cherokee. Even if I think it’s quite baggy on the legs, don’t be surprised that this might just be what you’re looking for. It’s up to you to decide.

• The pants fit perfectly well
• Durable and comfortable design.
• A good amount of spacious pocket
• Elastic waistband to hold pants in place.
• You can wear them for both indoors and outdoors

• No zipper pockets
• No secure buttons on the back pockets
• A bit baggy

Available on Amazon

Carhartt Men’s Double Front Duck Utility Work Dungaree Pant B01-Best Pant for the Toughest Outdoor Jobs

pants for big people

Carhartt as a company has never failed to impress me when it comes to manufacturing Pants that are durable. This is the ultimate work pant that can stand up to anything.
For the most rugged and durable work pant, nothing beats the Carhartt double front work Dungaree for men.

Design and Effectiveness
This is a12-ounce firm hand, and 100 percent cotton spun duck material that gives this pant ultimate durability. It has a 19-inch leg opening which allows it to fit over any work boot.
This pant is cut to sit at the natural waist and offers a full seat and thigh for plenty of movement. Not only does the Pant sit comfortably on your waist, it’s flexible and loose perfectly. Apart from that, the Pant is roomy and will perfectly fit a big guy.
It accommodates knee pads and adds durability so that the pants will last for years. This Dungaree is made to withstand your toughest outdoor project.
That’s why it is an excellent choice for those who engage in tough jobs.

The Duck Utility Pant has multiple tools and utility pockets. And these pockets include a hammer loop on the left and utility pocket on the right leg. The hammer loop in multiple tool and utility pockets allow you to keep your tools within reach.

Bottom Line
For the toughest outdoor jobs, you can count on this Pant to be up to the task. It’s perfect, rugged and comes with an extra layer protection below the Chap.

• This pant is thick, touch and super durable
• 100% Cotton and sits comfortably on the waist
• Reinforced knee paneling
• Multiple pockets with logo tag.

• It is not wrinke-free like other products

Available on Amazon

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