During our busy lives, we often neglect the most important aspect of our lives, Sleep. Many of us through work and family commitments run at a deficit on our normal sleep requirements. The National sleep foundation recommends the following amounts of sleep. Insufficient sleep also increases the risk of accidents, hypertension, injuries, obesity, diabetes and depression.

· Newborns (0-3 months): Sleep range narrowed to 14-17 hours each day
· Infants (4-11 months): Sleep range widened two hours to 12-15 hours
· Toddlers (1-2 years): Sleep range widened by one hour to 11-14 hours
· Pre-schooler’s (3-5): Sleep range widened by one hour to 10-13 hours
· School age children (6-13): Sleep range widened by one hour to 9-11 hours Teenagers (14-17): Sleep range widened by one hour to 8-10 hours Younger adults (18-25): Sleep range is 7-9 hours
· Adults (26-64): 7-9 hours
· Older adults (65+): Sleep range is 7-8 hours

So how can we improve our quality of sleep?
Having a balanced diet is essential for a healthy body. This means Meats, bread, fruit, and vegetables. Cut down on the amount of sugar just before bedtime as this will just give you energy and make you hyperactive.
Extra vitamins can help with getting a good nights rest

4 Supplements for Natural Good Sleep
· Chamomile tea. – Known for its relaxing properties
· Melatonin. – This is known as the essential sleep vitamin
· Iron – being iron deficient, not only makes you lethargic and it actually can make you more susceptible to have a condition called restless leg syndrome
· Vitamin B12 – Since your body doesn’t make vitamin B12, you’ll need to get it from meats or from supplements. Vegetarians usually lack Vitamin B12. While trying to sleep you may experience Nerve problems like numbness or tingling if you are deficient in B12.
· Vitamin D – Known as the sunshine vitamin. You need it

Exercise before bed
Exercising before bedtime will use up any stored sugars in your body, and will release important fat fighting proteins. The most optimal time is a few hours before you go to bed. The best way to exercise quickly is to go for a quick walk or run around the block.
This will target your legs and most importantly give you a cardio workout.
Top this off with a quick session of upper body workout.

The AbleFitness Heavy Duty Doorway Chin up Pull up Bar, which can support guys up to 300 lb is perfect to target the upper body and will only take a few minutes to work out.
It will attach above your door frame and is very easy to install, and stable
· With 12 grip positions to develop your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and much more
· Has a heavy-gauge steel construction, which has been tested to work perfectly up to 300 lbs
· Fits doorways up to 36″ wide (sturdy doorframe with trim required-minimum 5″ width, maximum 6.5″)
· You can remove the chin up bar from your doorway in seconds, when not in use
· Single main bar design. Most chin up bars on the market now have the main bar cut into multiple pieces and stuffed into a small box for shipping. This creates extra assembly work and multiple weak points on the bar.

Sunlight alarm clock
To make sure you wake up feeling refreshed the Philips ranges of Light Wake up alarm clocks, have been scientifically proven to simulate a sunrise. This means you can wake up at any time of the day or night feeling energized. Some of the upper range models also have a sunset simulation which will help you fall to sleep after a busy day. The Light clock will start off bright and slowly dim over time to simulate the sunset. It’s a very cool feature.
· Bright yellow sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural light
· Only Philips Wake-up Lights are clinically proven to work
· Wake-up naturally and improve your ability to function in the morning
This alarm light is perfect for shift workers who work at odd hours of the day and night. There is a great review post on the Philips Wake Up lamp over at Notsealed.com with lots models to choose from, there is a perfect alarm light for you at your budget.

Limit the amount of TV Stimulation
Bright flashing lights and loud noises will trigger anti-sleep patterns within your brain. If you do need sound to help you sleep, set the TV on a timer so it will turn off at a pre-set time or set up some white noise like ocean waves like mentioned above with the Philips Light Clock.
Babies love white noise as all they hear for 9 months is their mother’s beating heart like a drum. It’s natural for us to be relaxed by repetitive sounds.

Make your Room Dark and Cool
This is one of the most important features you can do. If your room is light and bright your brain will think it’s time to get up. Look at using double thick light blocking blinds. This can also help to dampen any noises coming from outside.
Close your bedroom door, this will cut out more light and noise. Use a darker paint on your walls. This will help with cutting down the amount of light.
Just like bears that hibernate in the winter, us men sleep better when it’s cool. We can rug up and feel secure. When it’s hot and stuffy we will not use blankets so subconsciously we will feel vulnerable. It’s all part of tricking your brain to be relaxed enough to fall asleep. With your bedroom door closed as mentioned above, your room should cool down quickly when using an air conditioner.

If you try all the methods above you will have success in obtaining a great nights sleep. Don’t forget to limit your intake of Caffeine and Alcohol just before bed time. With the added rest you get each day, you will have better memory, and added energy to tackle your busy life.