12 Best Mens Gym Bags 2018

Take a look at your gym bag. No, really take a look at it. Yes, that’s black mold growing where you’ve been stuffing your dirty shorts for the last 3 years. Take a good whiff. The hairs will probably melt off of your nostrils, and your eyes will start watering.

How long have you had that bag? 5 years? 10? You can’t remember, although you think your last ex-girlfriend bought it for you, because you used to just carry your gym clothes in a plastic bag, and she couldn’t stand it. Or was it your ex before her? Or the one before her?Let’s be honest. If you’ve got a gym bag, it’s probably old, ratty, and disgusting. Maybe you’ve gotten used to it; no judgement here. We all do it.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Gym bags aren’t expensive, and you deserve to have a bag that doesn’t smell like parboiled Limburger cheese that’s been left in the trunk of a car for a week in the Arizona sun.

So we’ve put together a shortlist of gym bags that are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade from a bag that’s so ratty and molded out that it would be better off in the dump than on your shoulder. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

DALIX Signature Travel or Gym Duffle Bag

Dalix Duffle Bag

This bag is a classic duffel design, made from durable polyester material, and including separate compartments on either end, as well as a standard top-loading design with a front pocket.

These individual compartments help separate your dirty gym clothes from your clean work clothes, which is especially important if you work out before going to work, rather than the other way around. The gusset built into the bottom of the bag also helps it stay open and keep its shape, which is handy when you’re loading it up, especially if you’re doing so one-handed.

Its eye-catching yet low-key design combines contrast handles and straps with metal hardware, and the shoulder strap is detachable, allowing you to customize how you carry this bag. The handles are padded as well, making it easier to carry this bag whether you’ve just got a couple pairs of running shorts in there, or heavy leather weightlifting belts and equipment.

The interior lining is high-quality and easy to wipe down, so if you’re looking for a bag that can last a long time (without too much stink) with proper maintenance, this DALIX certainly fits the bill.

Overall, this bag is inexpensive, attractive, and durable, and makes a perfect entry-level gym bag for recreational users who need large amounts of storage at a low cost.

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Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

Everest Gym Bag

If you need a high-capacity gym bag with plenty of space for nutritional supplements, water, and other accessories, and a specialized wet-pocket either for sweaty or pool water-saturated gear, this bag from Everest is right for you. Made from high-quality 600d polyester, it offers great, customizable, expandable storage options, even if you have a tendency to soak your workout gear.

The front of the bag offers a water bottle holder, and the pockets on either side of the water bottle holder can unzip and offer extra storage, allowing you up to 3 bottles of nutritional sports drinks or water, and giving you flexibility if you’d rather fill them with something else.

The compartment on the end of the bag is great for stashing your wet or sweaty gear, and isolates it from the main compartment of the bag, allowing you to keep extra changes of clothes and equipment in there without fear of cross-contamination, or nasty stink. The size of the main compartment also means you can easily keep a spare pair of shoes or other athletic gear in there, which is great if you’re into cross-training and need to carry a lot of equipment with you at once.

High quality zippers, hardware, and a detachable shoulder strap give you flexibility when it comes to how you use this bag, and the padded shoulder strap means that even if you load this thing up, you’ll have no trouble carrying it from your car to the gym.

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Nike Team Training Gymsack

Nike Team Training Gym Sack

If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to traditional gym duffel bags, this Gymsack by Nike may be just what you need. While it may look similar to the flimsy stringed bags often given away at corporate events, don’t be fooled. This bag comes with an exterior zippered pocket and is built out of a durable, water-resistant fabric, and includes a polyurethane coated bottom, which helps keep your gear dry and secure.

The drawstring closure is convenient, and the straps are thick enough that even when you load this bag up, you won’t have any problems with them digging into your shoulders or back. Inside, it includes a divider for ventilated shoe or wet/dry dividing storage, and it’s built with reflective elements, making it a good choice if you’re making nighttime walks to the gym.

It’s certainly not the size of other gym bags, and we wouldn’t recommend it if you like to carry a bunch of gear with you, or have to bring another change of clothes, but for some shoes, a water bottle, and a place to stash your cell phone and wallet while you’re working out, this minimalistic bag is inexpensive and simple, and a great alternative for those among you who choose to travel light.

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Under Armour Trance Sackpack

Trance Sackpack

If you liked the above sackpack from Nike, but felt that it was just a little small and lightweight for your tastes, this Trance Sackpack by Under Armour may just fit your needs. Made of a durable polyester, and coming in over half a dozen colors and styles, it’s a great alternative to smaller and larger gym bags alike.

With a larger drawstring storage pocket, and fully-featured, backpack-style shoulder straps, this bag blends together the convenience and portability of classic sackpacks with the comfort and durability of traditional backpacks, making it a great option if you need to carry a good amount of stuff, but don’t want a traditional, duffle-style gym bag.

Featuring a zippered side pocket, and an interior pocket with a soft lining for cell phones, car keys, and other valuables, along with an internal divider, yet still weighing in at a miniscule 6.1 ounces, this is a perfect bag for the gym goer who travels light, yet needs a bit more space and durability from his workout gear.

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20” Marathoner Duffel Bag 600D Denier

Duffel Bag 600D Denier

If maximum storage capacity is what you need from a gym bag, we’ve got the one for you. This 20” Marathoner Duffel bag is crafted from a durable 600d Denier cloth, and offers a huge amount of storage in various compartments throughout the bag.

It features a top-zip main compartment, a front zipper pocket with interior organizer for toiletries and accessories, a water bottle holder, and an expandable mesh pocket. It also offers backside straps to hold towels, jackets, and other outerwear or gear, and a side shoe tunnel with zipper closure, perfect to isolate smelly workout shoes from the rest of your gear, or to carry a spare pair of street shoes for your post-workout needs.

A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap allows you to choose whether to carry this bag from your shoulder, or use the padded carrying handles, and despite its generous 20 x 11.5 x 11 (W x H x D) dimensions, this bag is lightweight and easy to carry, no matter how much you stuff inside it.

We recommend this bag for anyone who needs to have plenty of storage options and organizational customization, and a large bag capacity. It certainly won’t let you down.

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Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

Adida Duffel Bag

The Adidas Defender II is a great choice if you’re looking for an all around bag that comes in several different sizes, allowing you to choose the one that’s right for you. It also comes in almost two dozen different styles, allowing you to express yourself and find the bag that’s perfect for you.

The large main interior compartment gives you plenty of room to stash your gear, and the extra side pockets allow you to store your accessories and small items easily, and stay organized.

Made out of a 100% polyester 3d Ripstop material, this bad also features freshPAK pocket technology which helps ventilate your sweaty stuff, so that neither your bag nor your stuff gets too smelly or wet.

The padded base helps protect your gear, and the 600D wrapped webbing handles and shoulder strap offer great durability and longevity, allowing you to use this bag for years.

The small model gives you 2600 cubic inches of storage, the medium gives you 3800, and the large gives you a whopping 6000 cubic inches of storage! Whether you need to haul a ton of gear, or just what you need for one workout, you can find the right model for your needs.

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Nike Sport III Duffle Bag 2016

Nike Sport Duffel Bag

If you’re looking for a low-key, classic bag that’s just the right size for your gear and has all of the standard top-of-the-line features in a small package, this is the bag for you.

Despite its moderate measurements of 19.2” x 10.2” x 11” (W x H x D), this bag can expand to hold a surprising amount of gear when needed, and remains low profile when you don’t need to overstuff it.

And despite its small size, it includes a front pocket and two size pockets, as well as an interior shoe storage compartment that separates smelly shoes from the rest of your stuff. Standard padded handles and a detachable shoulder strap round out the general design of this bag, and the understanded Nike logo is sure to make an impression on all who see it, along with the attractive heathered texture of the polyester body.

In addition to these features, this Nike bag features a double-zip design on the main compartment that allows you to lock your bag if necessary. Most gym bags lack this feature, so if security is your top priority, this bag is certainly a good choice for you.

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Team Sports Bag by ABD Athlete

ABD Athlete Teamsports Bag

This bag is enormous, and totally crammed full of useful features. If you need a big bag to store lots of gear, and you need storage for snacks and drinks for a weekend event, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Clocking in at 24” x 13” x 14” (L x H x W), this probably isn’t the bag for you if you just need to bring it to the gym every day. You’d want something a bit smaller and easier to carry around. However, if you’re really looking for max storage capacity and features, this bag delivers in spades.

Seven different storage compartments are included on this bag, with a large compartment running parallel to the body of the bag. On the front side is an insulated compartment perfect for storing cold drinks, and opposite that pocket is a shoe compartment purpose built for athletic shoes, allowing you to keep them separated from whatever is stored in the main compartment of the bag.

A rubberized bottom helps keep your stuff safe and secure even in adverse conditions, and the 1200D ballistic nylon construction allows this bag to safely expand and stretch when necessary, while retaining its shape and protecting its contents.

This bag is unparalleled if you’re looking for raw storage potential, so all of you athletes out there who need to carry lots of gear should take notice. With its bevy of accessories and storage pockets, you won’t find anything better at this price.

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G4Free 60L Lightweight Foldable Portable Travel Duffel Bag

Portable Travel Duffel Bag

If you travel a lot, you may find yourself in need of a separate gym bag. After all, you don’t want to stink up your backpack or carry-on with your workout clothes. But why settle for tiny, corded satchels or other flimsy portable options?

This packable duffel bag by G4Free solves your problems neatly with a fully functional gym bag that fits neatly into an included travel pouch. Simply fold the bag up, stick it in the pouch, pack it up, and get moving. Once you reach your destination, pop it out and load it up, and get your workout in.

The nylon material is highly rip and water-resistant, foldable, portable, and packable, and comes with a metal zippered front pocket, removable/adjustable shoulder strap, and comfortable carrying handles. And weighing in at only 0.6lbs, it’s not going to tip the scales when you pack it into the rest of your luggage.

The 60 liter capacity means it’s got plenty of storage space, and don’t be fooled by its lightweight construction – this heavy duty nylon can handle just about anything that you throw at it, so don’t be afraid to really load it up when you need to.

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KPL 21 Inch Vintage Leather Duffel Travel Gym Sports Overnight Weekend Bag

Overnight Weekend Bag

Maybe you’re looking for something a little classier than your standard gym bag. Something that shows people you’ve got a unique style, and aren’t afraid to show it off.

Well, this leather bag by Komal’s Passion Leather certainly fits the bill. Easily useable as either a gym bag or a weekender, it’s crafted with high quality leather and canvas, and is roomy enough to carry all your stuff. It lacks some of the special storage features and accessories that other bags in its class have, and certainly comes at a price premium, but it’s guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

High-quality leather construction will last years, and the detachable shoulder strap and handles are made with high-quality metal hardware, as are the zippers and buckles included on this product.

If you are using this as a gym bag, though, we recommend taking careful care of it, as it lacks the ventilation and odor absorption features that other synthetic fabric bags have. Don’t leave your smelly items in it for too long, and make sure to wipe it out every once in a while, to ensure that it will last a long time without becoming smelly.

However, if you take careful care of this bag, you’ll be sure to turn heads whenever you walk into the gym, given its attractive all-leather construction.

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Liberty Bags 8805 Duffel Bag Sports Gym Duffel Bag

Liberty Bags 8805 Duffel Bag

If you enjoy simplicity and quality, this bag is perfect for you. Built from 50% recycled 600 denier polyester, this medium-weight bag has a large zippered central compartment, and a smaller zippered front compartment. Rounding out the design are a detachable shoulder strap and two small handles. That’s it. As simple as can be.

Despite its rather small size, though, you can back a surprising amount of stuff into this little bag. In addition, the 50% recycled material means that it’s better for the environment than comparable bags, meaning it’s a great choice if you plan to go green.

If you’re used to using large gym bags, you may want to give this one a try. It’s surprising how relieving it can be to know that you’ve got just enough space for your stuff. No wasted room, no wasted effort, no wasted time. If you’re a minimalist, this is the perfect bag for you.

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Mixi Duffel Style Carry On Sports Travel Bag with Shoulder Strap, Zippered Shoes Compartments

Mixi Duffel Style Carry On Sports Travel Bag

This attractive bag features a tubular design with contrasting zipper features, stitching, and logo on a beautiful linen/cotton/polyester fabric blend with a totally unique texture, and a high-quality padded nylon lining.

With an expandable size, and a separate shoe/dirty laundry component, the interior is smooth and durable, made out of 150D nylon, and the triple-weave construction makes the exterior of this bag attractive and durable.

A front panel zips out, allowing separate storage from the main storage compartment on the other side, and there is a side panel with a mesh layer, and one with a zippered compartment. The mesh side panel is expandable and great if you need to stash some stuff that’s easily accessible, and the overall design of this bag gives it huge storage capacity while still keeping a low profile and attractive design.

If you don’t like the synthetic look and feel of some of the other bags listed, this one just might be right for you. It combines classical style and aesthetics with modern technologies that make it just as useful as a travel or carry-on bag as it is a gym bag. Multifunctional and beautiful, it’s not to be missed.

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That’s the end of our article for now. As you can see, there are a lot of different gym bags out there, all dedicated to specific athletes and people, and not everyone’s needs are the same. Before making your decision, we recommend thinking about the normal amount of stuff you bring to the gym, and getting an idea of the size of bag and features you’ll need.

Doing so will help you choose the correct bag for you, whether you’re a weekend warrior who needs to lug 40lbs of gear on a road trip, or a casual commuter who just needs a bag small enough that you can easily take it with you on a bus or subway on your way to the gym.

Regardless of your preferences and needs, we know there’s a bag out there that’s perfect for you. You’ve just gotta find it. (And we hope we helped).