Top 6 best briefcases for men 2017

2017 is upon us and we have compiled a top 6 list of our favorite briefcases in the market. There should be plenty of variety across materials, styles, brands and needs.

We hope that you find one that will interest you. If you’re in doubt we advise you to check out our good to know guide for briefcases. If you are a lawyer in the market for a briefcase, we have complied a list of the best lawyer briefcases.

Here is a quick list of our favorite briefcases for men so far.

SOLO Premium Leather 16″ Laptop Attaché, Hard-sided with Combination Locks

Premium Leather 16" Laptop Attaché Briefcase

Solo is designed in New York and one of the fastest growing urban lifestyle brands. Solo’s main focus is bags and cases. This Solo bag can boast of a five-year warranty also.

The bag is made from bonded and full grain leather. The quality is quite nice and it comes with an adjustable detachable shoulder strap. The handle carry feels solid, it’s made from leather and feels durable, nicely padded, making it comfortable to carry. In general, the stitching and hardware seems solid.

The briefcase comes with a dual combination lock which is easily configured, however the briefcase does not come with a shoulder strap as shown in the picture, you will have to get that elsewhere.

The design is slim, just a little over four inches in width, making it a nice briefcase for travelling or commuting with. The high-quality black colored leather provides great durability, low maintenance and a classic stylish look.

Inside it will offer a nice variety of organization. A main compartment which fits a 16” laptop, there is also a strap to make sure your laptop doesn’t move around. It also features a small dedicated space for cables right in the main compartment, a nice little touch.

Also, you will find room in the top of the briefcase, which offers pen and cardholders pockets. A cellphone pocket and a larger pocket which could fit a small tablet, along with a pocket dedicated to files, books or newspapers, whatever you need.

This is a great reasonable priced laptop attaché from a brand specialized in making great bags.

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AmazonBasics Rolling Laptop Case

AmazonBasics Rolling Laptop Case

Amazon basics provides a wide range of products on amazon from computer accessories to bags. They are specialists in manufacturing and they often appear in Amazon best seller lists. This is not a coincidence, it may not be the most stylish or modern products, but their products are 100% functioning.

If you are in the market for a rolling briefcase or just a rolling laptop case you might want to check out this one. This is an ideal piece for the professional travelling, who wants to arrive and leave with style. It fits perfectly under airplane seats and it got an adjustable push button lock handle and quick rolling wheels. When you retract the telescoping handle, you can barely see that this briefcase is actually a rolling briefcase.

This briefcase is very light, around one pound and can fit up to a 17” laptop. It got a dedicated laptop compartment which is nicely padded and also a Velcro strap for enhanced stability and security for your laptop. It’s made from sturdy material and the handle and wheels seems like it’s really durable and high-quality hardware.

It got a nice front pocket with space for the things you need to access quickly. The front pocket also comes with multiple organization options, two slots for paper notepads, small slots for pens and markers, and pockets for your phone, business cards or other business essentials.

It is a very spacious bag which will easily fit your files, laptop and room for clothing if your going on overnight business trips.

If you’re looking for a cheap rolling briefcase this is an ideal choice, when this article was published it was priced at 35.99$. This is a very good price considering what you get. It may not be super stylish or modern, but it’s solid made from proper material and gets the job done nicely.

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QualityArt 16″ Twin Pocket Leather Messenger Bag Business Bag Briefcase Laptop Case

Twin Pocket Leather Messenger Bag

Qualityart is not a well known brand, however they are specialized in making genuine leather products in high quality. Their products range from bags to handmade leather journals and they feature a lot of products with great reviews on amazon.

This bag is made from natural processed leather and the metal fitting buckles and other hardware is in great quality, making this bag durable and long lasting. A vintage bag handcrafted using 100% goat leather. This is a unique piece, and the smell of leather when you receive it, is thrilling, however it will fade in four to six weeks. If the smell is to strong for you, a leather conditioner will make it go away almost instantly.

It comes with an adjustable detachable shoulder strap making this a versatile bag, it will complement a lot of outfits and environments. Inside the bag its lined with strong green canvas which goes along well with the brown color.

For organization, it features two front pockets and three inner main compartments, also two small zipper pockets for your small objects. This bag is great for up to 16” laptops.

If you are looking for a handcrafted unique briefcase this is a great offer.

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RoadPro HH-003PM/BN Brown Leatherlike Briefcase

RoadPro Brown Briefcase

Roadpro is manufacturing all kinds of different to be sold on amazon. Al though they are by no means expert in bags, all their items sold have one great thing in common. They all have positive reviews and happy customers.

This briefcase is made from vinyl and are by no means a high-end product. The product price when this article was published is 28,82$. However it does provide you with good value for money. It comes with a nice sturdy handle and a security lock which is easily configured following the instructions which comes with the bag.

Inside the bag, it features a nice padded main compartment for your laptop or files. When you open the bag you will be greeted by a neat organization system that features multiple main pockets for extra files or a tablet. It also comes with a zipper pocket where you can put in stuff like cables. Finally, it has 3 small Velcro pockets where you can fit your cards, cellphone or similar.

If you are looking for a cheap briefcase or you just need to come up with a professional looking briefcase occasionally this Is a great bag to go for. Just don’t expect this one to last a lifetime.

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Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case

Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case

Samsonite is a world leader in travel bags, luggage, and accessories. A worldwide company that has offices all around the globe. Samsonite focuses on combining style with the latest design technology, the results is quality products that are durable and stylish.

They will definitely fulfill your needs as a business professional travelling and have been for more than 100 years. If you look up the Samsonite amazon profile you will see nothing but four and a half star and five star reviews. But if you’re unlucky you might also see “Out of stock” on their products.

This Samsonite bag is made from high-quality Nylon. The handle, zippers and hardware on this bag is of great quality with attention to detail. The handle can be extended up to 40 inches which means that this bag should fit anyone, even if you’re a very tall guy. It can hold up to a 17” laptop. The wheels are very smooth and make no noise whatsoever when rolling.

This is a perfect bag for a businessman that travels a lot on one or two-night business trips. Are you tired of bringing two bags, one for clothes and one for files and laptop?

You most certainly are, this bag has the capacity and a thoughtful design to accommodate your needs.

This bag has a section only for clothes that includes compression straps to keep your clothes neat looking. It will fit a pair of pants, an extra shirt or two and your toilet bag easily. It also features two other big compartments with extra pockets. The two compartments are perfect for your laptop and files.

The extra pockets provide space for your cables, sunglasses, extra HDD or whatever you need.

There is also an easy accessible pocket for boarding pass, passport etc.

It’s hard to say anything bad about a product like this. It is not the most beautiful bag and the regular handle can seem a bit “floppy” when you are using the extended handle. But nothing to worry about. This is just a highly functional quality bag priced at 82$ when this article was published.

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Banuce Men’s Full Grains Leather Front Lock Professional Briefcase

Banuce Men's Full Grains Leather Briefcase

Banuce founded in 2008 is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing genuine high-quality leather products. Banuce’s products is ranging from leather bags to leather wallets. Banuce’s specialty is sophisticated leather bags that will last a life time.

This Banuce briefcase is made from Italian full grain cowhide leather. The exterior and design on this one is really beautiful and classic. The brown glossy color has a natural shine which is quite stunning and will only continue to develop the more you use this bag. One of the cons from this type of leather is that it easily gets scratched or scarred. On the other hand, it will make your bag unique and personal.

It is a pretty small bag which only fits up to a 15” laptop. The buckle on the front opens with a key, which you will find inside the bag. It’s a nice extra security feature if you wish to use it, otherwise you can just leave the bag unlocked. The buckle is easily opened by pressing and sliding the button down.

Inside the bag you will find two main compartments and one zipped center divider which is ideal for your laptop. The first compartment also contains two small pockets and two  pen slots. In the second compartment, you will find a larger zipper pocket. Under the flap there is also one zipped pocket. On the exterior of the bag there is one zipped pocket as well, rather large which will fit your files or reports nicely.

This bag comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Overall this is a beautiful bag which you will receive your fair shares of complements for. The quality of the leather and hardware is great, and it’s a nice feature with the locking clasp if you need to make sure nobody enters your bag if you leave the room a few minutes.

It’s quite rare you get a product in your hands that lives up 100% to the expectations of the product picture. In this case, it does. It is a stunning very stylish and classic briefcase, usually you don’t see this kind of quality and design at this price. When this article was published, the price was 148$, that is a fraction of the price you usually pay for this kind of leather briefcase quality.

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