High quality Men’s Belts 2017

Looking for a good leather belt? What to look for? How to start? Here you will find a list of top 9 belts, that will do wonders to your appearance.

We have compiled a small list of our favorites, the most important thing for us is a good price and comfortable fit. In this article, you will find some very fair priced high quality belts! The favorite belt in this article was the “Allen Edmonds Men’s Decatur Ave Belt”. A timeless slim beautiful black leather belt.

Levi’s Men’s Levis 40-mm Reversible Belt

Levi's Men's Reversible Belt

A timeless classic from Levis. A nice wide belt which goes well with different outfits and very comfortable. High quality belt for a good prize!

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Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt Leather Reversible 1.25″ Wide Rotated Buckle 

Beltox Fine Men's Dress Belt

Really nice belt that comes in a gift box too!

Fitting well, feels comfortable but the buckle did feel a bit heavy in the beginning. Great for the prize, you can actually rotate the belt – so in one belt you a black and a brown color.

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Timberland Men’s 40mm Leather Belt

Timberland Men's Leather Belt

Neat looking belt from Timberland in a cool rustic look. 100% leather belt and looks great on a pair of blue jeans.

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Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Open Linxx Buckle

Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Belt

Smart looking belt with some great functions. Linxx buckle function make sure the belt it’s easy to tighten and release, just slide and it auto locks. No more holes to adjust too, this new innovative belt buckle make sure it’s a superb fit every time. Comes in a lot of different colors too, and with a prize under 50$!

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Mens Black Leather Belt By Velette

Velette Mens Black Leather Belt

Neat looking black belt in different forms, really nice fit and goes well for a business like look

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Allen Edmonds Men’s Basic Wide Dress Belt

Allen Edmonds Belt

Allen Edmonds Basic belt, a bit more pricy than some of the other belts in this article.  But this belt is the definition of great craftsmanship!

Beautiful leather, quality stainless steel buckle and just a minimalistic beauty all the way trough!

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Allen Edmonds Men’s Decatur Ave Belt

Allen Edmonds Men's Decatur Ave Belt

Same as the belt above, this one is just a slim version. Again, a bit pricy but this belt is absolutely stunning!

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Hugo Boss Men’s Belt C-Gadiel

Hugo Boss Men's Belt

A beautiful Italian made smooth looking belt, this belt can really complete the business look. Made from 100% cow leather.

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Magnanni Men’s Belt Hand Burnished Calf Leather

Magnanni Men's Belt

Beautiful belt made from hand burnished calf leather. This belt is stunning and simple.

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