Best Cold Weather Gloves 2016

It’s winter. That means, if you’re anywhere above the equator, it’s probably pretty darn cold. Gloves are an accessory that are often overlooked for men – too often, men are content to just walk around with their hands stuck in their pockets.

And while that may be warm enough, it’s quite inconvenient – and the moment you yank your hands out of your pockets, your hands are likely to get chilled to the bone.

So you’ve got to get yourself a great pair of winter gloves. Honestly, sometimes the simplest accessories make all of the difference. A winter coat is great, but without a scarf, hat, and a pair of gloves, you’re probably still going to be shivering if you have to stay outside for more than a few minutes if it’s seriously cold.

Gloves are especially important because your fingers and hands have some of the least amount of fat and skin to protect them, compared to your head and your neck, at least. This means that all it takes is a stiff wind and a couple minutes of below-freezing temperatures to numb your hands, and once that happens, you’ll feel the rest of your body start to cool as well.

A great pair of cold weather gloves isn’t just functional, either. Today’s gloves boast convenience factors like touchscreen-compatible thumbs and fingertips, built into attractive packages and modern designs that are as stylish as they are functional. A great pair of gloves can lend the perfect accent to a winter outfit, and keep you both stylish and warm.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cold weather gloves on the market in 2016. We’ll give you some recommendations on products, talk about advantages of each style of glove, and leave you to make your own decision. Just remember – your hands will thank you next time you walk out to your car at 8:00AM and remember that you have to defrost the windshield by hand because it snowed (again) last night.

So read on, and learn with us.


Timberland Men’s Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove with Touchscreen Technology


These gloves from Timberland are made out of a warm, soft polyester/wool blend, and feature touch-screen compatible technology. They’re available both in a textured gray color, and a straight-up black, and are ribbed for extra warmth and durability.

The palm of the glove features a synthetic textile grip, allowing these gloves to more easily be used to grab and hold larger objects – a problem that pure wool gloves sometimes have is a slippery, hard-to-grasp surface. That palm grip also makes these gloves perfect for driving, as you can easily grip the wheel.

Touchscreen compatibility is also integrated into these gloves, with each finger and thumb tip featuring conductive surfaces that work perfectly with a variety of touchscreen devices. One thing to note – as with all touch screen compatible gloves, these gloves work best when they fit very close to the fingertip – any gap between the fingertip and the glove can lead to awkward use for smartphones and other devices.

They’re plenty warm, too – customers report good warmth up to 20 degree Fahrenheit, even at night and in windy conditions. They’re probably not the best for an arctic expedition, but they ought to work just find for your daily commute, or a quick walk to the coffee shop around the corner.

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Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove


If you’re planning on doing some light work outside – yard work, shoveling, or other outdoor activities and you need some serious warmth, these gloves by Carhartt are sure to fit the bill. Waterproof due to their 100% polyester shell, they’re insulated for maximum warmth. Though you lose a bit of flexibility due to the larger, roomy design of these gloves, they’re great if you’re not doing precision work – grasping a snow shovel, for example, or for tossing on when you’re clearing snow off of your car or scraping ice. The textured palm and thumb give you plenty of grip, and aid you in grasping objects in extreme cold.

The waterproof insert also helps stop water ingress through the wrist of the glove, and these gloves are complete with a strap to help adjust to your wrist and keep out wind, snow, and rain. The Carhartts are also complete with a hook-and-loop cuff to help you keep your gloves together by attaching them when you’re not using them.

They’re durable, and fairly stylish given the work-oriented design, and though they’re probably not the most heavy-duty work gloves out there, they’re sure to please if you just need to do some winter chores around your house or apartment, or are looking for a warmer alternative to thinner gloves.

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Luxury Men’s Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves


If you’re looking for truly stylish gloves, you can’t go wrong with leather. Leather gloves are classic cool, and though they have a reputation for being less-than-stellar in extreme cold, advances in linings and textiles have made them easily up to the task that synthetics and wools used to dominate.

These gloves by ELMA are crafted from a high quality Italian Nappa leather, and lined with cashmere and a wool blend, as well as a fleece lining around the cuff. This triple-layer lined construction keeps these gloves slim, yet lends them a surprising amount of warmth.

These gloves also include a textured non-slip palm grip to aid in grasping objects in cold, icy conditions, and to aid in driving. In addition, a touchscreen-friendly technology is integrated in the tips of each finger and the thumb, allowing full use and total control of touch screen devices such as smartphones and car displays.

Stylish, warm, and beautiful, these gloves should be your first choice if you’re looking to buy some premium leather gloves at a great price.

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Vbiger Winter Gloves Warm Wool Mittens With Mitten Cover


Glove/Mitten combinations are becoming more popular in the era of smartphones, due to the sometimes touchy touchscreen-compatibility technology used in colder weather gloves. While some people don’t like fingerless gloves because they offer much less protection from the cold, glove/mitten combinations provide a great balance.

The mitten top flips over the fingerless gloves to provide maximum warmth – even more than most gloves, due to the advantage that mittens provide by allowing your fingers to warm each other, rather than be separated.

And when you need your fingers free for delicate operations like operating touchscreens or buttons, you can pin the mitten section on the gloves to the back of your hand, and flip open the thumb to allow you total control.

These gloves are made of a high quality wool/acrylic blend complete with a textile palm patch for non-slip grip, and they’re filled with a high quality polyester blend to provide more warmth than the plain wool/acrylic blend.

Maximum warmth meets great versatility for a pair of mittens/gloves that is totally unique. Some may be put off by the mitten design, but once you put these mittens on, your hands will thank you – their warmth and comfortability are hard to beat.

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The North Face Unisex Power Stretch Glove


If you like working out, you probably don’t stop in the winter. I mean, face it – running on treadmills or biking on stationary bikes is totally boring, and running or exercising outside in the cold weather can be quite comfortable if you’ve got the right gear.

These gloves by The North Face are ideal for working out. Crafted from a polyester and elastane fleece blend, they’re stretchy and warm, and also created to be breathable – even during the hardest workouts, they’ll wick and release moisture so your hands won’t get wet (then cold).

This pair of gloves also incorporate a wrist strap for a custom fit, allowing you to keep weather elements and wind off of your hands and out of your sleeves, and features a long wrist design that’s meant to heal slip underneath or over a long-sleeve t shirt or base layer to provide maximum protection.

And they’re not just great for working out, either – these gloves can be worn in just about any situation as long as you’re not planning on soaking them – customers report great success using these as ski gloves for mild weather, and keeping them in their car for clearing ice and snow in sub-freezing temperatures.

These gloves can also be used as a liner underneath heavier gloves if you know you’re going to be in some extremely cold weather. They provide a great, sweat-free way to further insulate your gloves, and give yourself an extra layer of protection from the elements.

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Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves


Driving gloves aren’t usually ideal cold weather gloves, but if you’re simply driving a car to and from work every day, they can be enough. Nothing’s worse than sitting in a freezing car, grabbing your steering wheel, and feeling that chilly leather pull the heat away from your hands. If you want a great pair of gloves to provide a barrier to elements that are thick enough to keep your hands warm on chillier days, these gloves by Pratt and Hart are perfect.

They’ve been designed with a classic driver style, featuring large vent holes over the knuckles, and rows of smaller vents over the thumb and fingers, keeping your hands breathable. They’re also unlined, so while they may not be great for freezing temperatures outdoors, they’re ideal if you’re driving and need a great grip on your steering wheel.

And unlike some of our other choices on this list, these gloves work equally well in hotter weather. The unlined design and venting keeps your hands from sweating, and provides a great grip on your steering wheel. So if you’re into driving gloves and need a new pair to stash in your glove compartment, these gloves from Pratt and Hart should be at the top of your list.

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Fox River Men’s Mid Weight Ragg Glove


Some people aren’t fans of fingerless gloves, but personally, I see the appeal. After all, they’re a great way to keep your fingers free for delicate tasks like using your smartphone, and more active users like fishermen and other sportsmen prefer them for use in cold weather, as you can easily rig up fishing lines and maintain equipment without taking off your gloves.

And in your day-to-day life, fingerless gloves can offer you plenty of warmth, as you can stuff your hands in your pockets if the weather is too cold, and the warm wrist sections will still act to protect you from the cold, wet weather.

These gloves by Fox River are perfect for that task. They’ve been made in a great 85/15 wool/acrylic blend, and are generously sized, with a thick, elasticized wrist cuff. The wool offers great protection from the weather, able to absorb up to 30% its weight in water before losing any insulating properties, and offers a great, sweat-wicking feeling that helps keep your hands dry and warm.

In addition, this pair of gloves features micro-dot gripping technology over the palm and fingers, giving you plenty of grip on wet or icy surfaces, and avoiding the sliding problems that can occur without some kind of textile or rubberized surface.

The gloves are stylish, too, in an oatmeal wool blend that looks great with just about every outfit. If you love fingerless gloves, you’re not going to want to miss out on this pair from Fox River. They’re top-notch, warm, and beautiful. What more could you want?

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That does it for our list. While there are plenty of other gloves manufacturers and styles out there, these are certainly among the most popular for 2016, and when the weather turns chilly, you can reach for any pair of these gloves to keep your hands warm and happy.

Pair with a scarf and a hat if it’s especially cold, toss on your warmest wool coat, and head outside, knowing you’ll stay comfortable, cozy, and protected from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you during the winter.