Unique Men’s Rings 2017

If you’re searching for the perfect men’s ring, we got you covered. We advise you to check out both Amazon and Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace like Amazon, but with a focus on craftsmanship and unique products, all homemade by original manufacturers from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a men’s wedding band or men’s diamond ring, we will cover it in this list. We have chosen a wide range of different rings for men; we are sure that there is something here which will interest you and fit your style.

When you’re in the market for a unique ring you want an unusual piece of jewelry which will emphasize your personality or draw attention to you in a subtle way. If you’re in doubt about how to wear a ring properly or what kind of style you want, you can check out our article on “men wearing rings”.

Triton Men’s Black Tungsten 8mm Brick Pattern Wedding Band


First up is a beautiful black textured tungsten ring from Triton. Made from the most scratch resistant metal that is ten times harder than 18K gold. It is one of the most hardest materials used in Jewelry. The patented formula Triton uses is TC.850, and it consists of 85% Tungsten Carbide which will provide you with a ring that lasts a lifetime!

You can get a customized engraved version of this ring in classic colors like, white, gray, black, yellow or rose. You will also get a life “Forever Fit Warranty” if your ring size ever changes Triton will replace your ring and get you a new one for free.

The quality of this ring is stunning; it is a heavy and beautiful ring which feels good on your finger – the price is a bit steep, though. This ring also is also hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. We believe you will be satisfied if you decide to go for a Triton ring.

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King Will Men’s 7MM Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Brushed Matte Wedding Engagement Band


King Will is one of the number one brands featuring rings on Amazon. King Will’s name complements their rings nicely; they are all about strong and delicately crafted rings.They also provide a lifetime warranty on all of their products. Each ring is beautiful and unique; it’s the perfect ring for a ceremony or extraordinary days in your life.

It comes in a beautiful white ring box, and we were very pleased with the customer service being open up to answer all of our inquiries in a quick and pleasant way. This tungsten ring can be your companion for the rest of your life; Tungsten is a very hard material which is second only to Diamonds.

This ring is easy to keep clean and good looking, all you need is a little hot water and soap. No need for advanced cleaning or other maintenance. We loved this ring, the simplicity is stunning, and the comfort fit design is a winner.

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Castillna 8mm Brick Pattern Tungsten Wedding Band for Men – Gunmetal Grey


If you wish to seal your commitment to the love of your life, this ring is an appropriate suggestion. Also made from Tungsten carbide which is becoming really popular in the jewelry industry due to it’s hardness, durability and scratch resistance.

This ring is heavy weight, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. It is really a stylish design, the center bars have a brushed matte look and the outer bars is polished and shiny, this is a great contrast. The rectangular patterns and cuts is spot on, a very sleek look.

It comes in a beautiful box with a nice velvet pouch inside.

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Tungsten Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Inlay Wedding Ring Dome Size 6 to 15


If you’re feeling like you want something a little different, this is a great ring to take a look at. It is made from Tungsten Carbide with a comfort fit design. The Hawaiian koa wood is becoming increasingly popular featuring in a lot of different products today and it’s a great fit in this ring.

If you’re the type of guy who has had a “ring problem” and not feeling it with the more typical or, new products this is a winner. We were impressed with the look of this once we got to wear it. The koa wood greatly complements the shiny and polished silver surface of this ring. It has a casual kind of surfer dude look, so if you got long hair and consider yourself a bit of a hippie, then we believe that this is the ring you want to go for!

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Tungsten Ring Inlaid with 100% Natural Koa Wood and Solid Turquoise – Extremely Unique – 8mm Wide


This Tungsten ring Inlaid with 100% Natural Koa Wood and 100% real Turquoise is a bit difficult to place In terms of style. We think that this ring is kind of a hybrid which can even go with a suit, it is a classic, casual and alternative ring which can complement a lot of different styles. At the time of publishing this article this product had a stunning 45 reviews which ALL were 5 stars, it is highly unusual.

This ring is not some generic China manufacturing piece. Each piece is unique because of the natural materials used. We must confess that we pretty much fell in love with this ring, it is a style you very rarely come across, the colors are unusual, the material used, here is also unusual, and it’s an unusually beautiful ring!

The pictures of this product are really having a hard time to capture the uniqueness of this ring. You have to see this piece and feel the wood in order to really appreciate how stunning it is!

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PALMALETTO Tungsten Carbide Ring with Beveled Edges and Real Zebra Wood Inlay – 8 mm


Thorsten rings is frequently seen in the ring section of Amazon. They offer a wide range of rings for both men and women. All of their products is high-quality and the reviews on their products reflect this. A bold innovative American designer jewelry brand featuring a lot of alternative styles, their inspiration coming from the Nordic Mythology and the Norse god Thor. A recurring thing in their products is the strong materials used, and combining function with aesthetics.

A hard durable tungsten ring inlaid with natural African zebra wood which is also used in luxury sports cars.

This is a real beauty which can be used in all kinds of environments. It is very unique because of the rather large central base of wood, the dark and brown spots on the natural wood complements the polished silver look nicely. If you wish to have it engraved, this can also be done for no additional fees, a very nice service.

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Gem Avenue Men’s 925 Sterling Silver Turquoise and Coral Gemstone Southwestern Style 6mm Band


Gem Avenue is a premier shop for affordable elegant Jewelry and gems. They have a wide range of different jewelry offers for both men and women. They also offer customized jewelry and engravings at fair prices.

This ring is made in .925 Sterling silver and features turquoise and coral gemstone inlay. It is a beautiful handcrafted ring, made in the US. The design is nicely done, the triangles are nicely done all the way around and the silver is of high-quality. It is not a very wide ring, only ten millimeters.

It is a very affordable ring only priced at 31$ when this article was published. The customer service was great, and they gladly and quickly swapped out our first order of the ring which we ordered in the wrong size. It comes in a nice beautiful box, at this price you get what you expect plus a little more. We can definitely recommend Gem Avenue and their rings.

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KONOV Mens Stainless Steel Ring, Celtic Knot Signet, Black Silver


Now one of the very popular rings for men, a signet ring. This one is from the brand Konov, they offer a wide variety of jewelry products, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Their products are quite popular and they appear on a lot of bestsellers lists and their products are very reasonably priced.

The material used for this ring is stainless steel and the width is seventeen millimeters. It features a celtic design and the material used is high-quality and durable. Stainless steel is often used in jewelry since it has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. It is also hypoallergenic. The stone is solid and we wouldn’t worry about chipping or scratching it.

This really is quite a piece which will complement your wardrobe nicely. The history that this ring ooze of is quite interesting, if your heritage is English or Irish, or maybe your just interested in the culture you might know that this is a “Trinity knot”, it stands for the continuity of mind, body and soul.

It’s hard to find any flaws in this piece and we can definitely recommend it.

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Willis Judd Men’s Titanium Ring (Christian Cross Knights Templar Shield)


Willis Judd is a family owned business operating in the US. They specialize in jewelry and have a unique line of bracelets which focuses on magnetic therapy, an alternatively stylish pain relief method. Willis Judd puts the customer first and offers a world class customer service which also reflects in all of their great reviews.

This Titanium ring with a cross centerpiece is nicely done. Beautiful black matte finish and two central double wire rows create an unusual, beautiful design. The cross design finds it’s inspiration from the Medieval Knight Templars.

The titanium is so lightweight that you can barely feel that you are wearing this ring, a very comfortable ring to wear. This ring is beautiful craftsmanship at a very reasonable price, and the wire braids is a nice touch.

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Finding a unique ring for men can be a daunting task, the market is exploding with new styles and materials. It is near impossible to keep track of all the beautiful rings available for men; we hope we made your choice easier for you.

We hope that you have found something that pleases your eyes in this small article. We are going to keep looking out for the unique men’s ring in 2017 and maintain this article.