Koa Wood Watches Review

Forget about the metal wrist watches – the wood is the right thing for you! If you’ve never had a wooden watch before, I do realize that you might start thinking like – Hey, what if it irritates my skin, or what if it’s hard to maintain it;

Do not worry, these watches are simply perfect! You won’t have to do anything to maintain it, and it won’t irritate your skin at all.

So, I’m talking about wooden watches, but you may not see the right picture of it. I’m talking about one of the most unique, elegant and breathtaking watches you’ll ever see. The symbolization they have, the impression they are leaving on us, and especially the simplicity and uniqueness are definitely things that make these watches so awesome.

Sure, the competition is strong – metal wrist watches along with leather watches are definitely something that’s been quite common amongst many people, but I see great potential in these watches. Also,people are already comparing those wooden watches to the traditional ones, proving that they might soon dominate the market.

The Koa wood can be found on the Big Island, and people have recognized the potential of it, and used it wisely! Now, we have Koa Wood watches with styles ranging from automatic, self-winding to specialized faces made from mother of pearl, silver or gold.

The thing with these wooden watches is that you won’t have to polish them! They have already been oiled multiple times in order to bring out their rich colors. Another amazing thing is that, by wearing them, the wood starts to look even better. Eventually, it will get a rich patina, beginning to shine like a well-polished piece of furniture.

Here are some watches I think you should definitely check out, and I’m sure that each and every one of you will be able to find a suitable watch!

Bean & Vanilla Solid Wood Watch, Natural Koa Wood with Hawaiian Islands


One of the latest watches made out of 100% natural Koa Wood, is this one right here. The wood is not the only thing that makes this watch so unique and neat – you can see the Hawaiian Islands on top of the dial! Having Hawaiian petroglyphs on your watch is not just cool, it also has a meaning. It means strength, which you will seek for throughout your whole life, it means protection which you will need whatever you’re doing, and it means safe journey.

The glass is made out of Crystal Sapphire, which is scratch-resistant, and also not glaring. Besides that, this watch is also resistant to splash and sweat. The dial has date displayed on it, and something for the stuffy ones as well – don’t worry, the wood is hypoallergenic, toxin free, and artificial.

Quite unique, neat and eye-catchy, this watch is perfect for people who are looking for a meaningful wrist watch. I am sure that if you’ve already heard of or seen this one, you are definitely going to like it!

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Mens KOA wood case band Wood Watch Quartz Movement Wristwatch Watch Dress Calendar Display W109B


This wooden watch is one of the finest ones I’ve seen so far, at least when it comes to 100% natural Koa wood watches.Even though this watch has only been on the market for a couple of months, it has already created a lot of hype!

Besides being waterproof and having shiny needles which will allow you to see the time even in the dark, this nice little fellow even has date display positioned at 3 o’clock. Still, one of the nicest things about this watch, besides the elegance, is the fact that every piece of it looks like it was made separately. The watch face made out of Koa wood looks darn magnificent, and the entire watch looks just amazing.

Holiday season is approaching, and therefore you should start thinking about gifts, whether you’re going to treat yourself with something this good, or you’re going to make someone special feel happy.My honest recommendation would definitely be this watch! Happy holidays!

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Handmade Hawaii Kahala Brand Quartz Wooden Watch Made with Natural Acacia Koa Wood – Hgw-207


Quite affordable, very unique and simple, and yet so sophisticated, this watch is definitely something everyone’s thought about, at least once. With a synthetic leather band, completely natural Koa wood and scratch-resistant glass (made out of Genuine Sapphire Crystal), this watch is wanted amongst many.The youth, the adults – whoever loves simplicity and uniqueness will definitely go for this watch.

Besides the flexible band and light weight, the simplicity this watch is offering you is something not many people can appreciate, but it is definitely special and beautiful.

The fact that it’s so affordable and simple, makes it desirable amongst a wide spectrum of people.Whether you’re thinking of treating yourself with one of these, or you have someone special who you think would like a watch like this one, make sure to grab this nice wooden watch!

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Bean & Vanilla Solid Wood Watch, Natural Koa with Mother of Pearl


As we’ve already seen, Bean & Vanilla are making some great watches for sure! The goal they are always trying to maintain is keeping watches unique and magnificent, and making them out of natural wood helps it a lot.

This time, as usual, they’ve done a great job! This Koa Wood watch with the dial made out of Mother-of-Pearl represents a breathtaking watch that many people are looking for. The glass is made out of Crystal Sapphire, making it non-glare and scratch-resistant. The watch dial is resistant to splash and sweat and has a date displayed on it. This watch is also eco-friendly, which is something that many people will like about it.

With an adjustable band, this watch makes a great wrist watch that I highly recommend. Whether you’re classy, or you just like wooden watches, this one will be perfect for you. Amongst many others, in the similar price range, this Koa Wood watch beats the competition without the struggle!

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Handmade Hawaiian Style Wooden Quartz Watch w/ Petroglyphs Made with Hawaiian Koa Wood Kahala Brand – 11026


We’ve already concluded that petroglyphs are leaving strong impressions on people, and they made this Kahala watch look so amazing! Placed on the watch face, making a circle, those petroglyphs are giving this watch a unique sense of style, looking simply marvelous.

The watch glass is made out of Sapphire Crystal, which makes it scratch resistant, and the watch face is made out of completely natural Koa wood. Band is also made out of Koa wood, and it’s quite adjustable, since you can remove extra links in order to adjust it according to your wrist.

Even though colors aren’t completely the same over the entire watch, since the shades are slightly different due to the fact that it’s made out of wood, the strong yet elegant brown color makes this watch shine like no other.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gentleman, always paying attention to what you’re wearing, or you’re buying this for someone who is more of a casual type, this watch will fit your wrists perfectly.

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Ranging from quite affordable to those a bit more expensive, from childish to serious and elegant, Koa wood watches are definitely representing a quality group of watches. This fine wood is giving watches the elegance and beauty, with color shades surfing along the watch.

Just by taking a quick look at those watches, you’ll soon fall in love with their purity and singularity – the things that define these watches so well. Let’s not forget about the dose of style and feel of nature they are carrying as well.

Personally, I find these watches both elegant and casual – as I like to say, there’s something for everyone! I think that, if you haven’t already done it, you should definitely give them a chance; I promise that you’ll be amazed by the feeling you’ll have while wearing them.