Best Wood Watches Review 2017

Wooden watches are the new kid on the block in the world of watches. Speaking fashion and style, my guess is that the minimalist and streamlined look provided by most wooden-watches displays a long needed contrast to the often flamboyant and excessive metal watches.

Furthermore  the fact that the modern (gentle)man feels more and more separated from nature also plays a big part in the sudden popularity of wooden-watches. In this post-modern world we all need to be a part of mother earth. And we can do that by wearing – and supporting her – through the wooden-watch industry.
In the wooden-watch industry a few brands seems to be in it for the fashion.

But even more for the environmental benefits of making watches with natural, sustainable and recycled resources. It’s this mix of quality craftsmanship and stylish innovation that creates the best Wooden-watches.

I’ve looked at some of my favorite wooden-watches, and made a list for you guys. Basically just a shitload of good-looking wooden-watches with different features, prices and background stories. Take a look!

Low Cost – Unisex Wooden Watch

Let us begin in the (very) cheap end of the scale just to make sure that there is a watch for every guy. This Vintage looking Dayan Uni-Sex Quarts (battery-driven) watch may not be expensive, but it’s definitely stylish and a must-have if you are looking for a stylish wooden watch that won’t empty your pocket. The band is made of leather and the bail of teak-wood grain. The Watch is ordinary waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about protecting your new watch during a rain. This wooden watch is a perfect souvenir for yourself, or as a small gift for anyone who deserve some (cheap) vintage style in their live. Now hang on, the next couple of watches may cost you a bit more!

CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch

 CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch

This CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch is honestly b-e-a-utiful. The watch displays a minimalist and natural look due to the material of traditional bamboo wood for the case and light brown leather for the band. In addition, the use of bamboo material are of course eco-friendly. The light-toned bamboo wood makes the watch different from most wooden watches. The COCUL Bamboo Wooden Watch is perfect, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about changing battery on this bad-boy anytime soon, as you are guaranteed battery-power for 12-24 months – pretty decent for the price. Summed up, you will get a fancy, but different looking wooden wristwatch if you decide to go with this CUCOL wooden watch. Personally one of my favorites.

Lux Wood Watches

The Bendemeer Wood Watch - Blue

This quality handcrafted Lux Woods wristwatch with wooden band and a deep-blue colored case, is one the best combinations of subtle and flamboyant I’ve seen in a long time. This watch simply can’t be ignored on this list. The wooden-watch consist of a Japanese quartz with battery time for 3-5 years, a 45 millimeters (diameter) deep-blue case with a great design, and of course the unique dark wooden band. This unique wooden-watch is for the gentleman who wants to look stylish and at the same time be eco-friendly, as Lux Woods guarantees that a new tree is planted the moment you start wearing a Lux Woods watch on your wrist. Are you looking for a gift for your brother, your father, or your boyfriend, then don’t forget this Lux Wood wristwatch. I have never meet anyone who didn’t think this was one hell of a wooden watch. And I don’t think you will neither.

MEKU Wooden-Watch

This MEKU  wooden watch is made from 100% natural Rosewood and is of course handcrafted. The roman numerals in the dial adds a nice touch to the old-school look given by the dark rosewood. This is just one of many reasons why this watch should end up ‘added to your card’. MEKU wood watches only provides eco-friendly products, which hopefully will bring you “closer to mother earth” and keep you good looking at the same time. Furthermore, this watch is finished with 100% natural sandal oil to make the watch as comfortable to wear, as it is to ‘watch’. The beautiful wood grain makes each of these watches unique, and this may well be the main reason to why wooden watches are so popular at the time. Who doesn’t want to own a unique watch? Buy this MEKU wooden watch if you need a watch for special occasions, or if you just want to look great all day. Every day.

Two-Toned ZLYC Wooden-Watch

Billedresultat for ZLYC Two Tone Natural SandalwoodThis two-toned ZLYC wooden watch is made from a mixture of different wood-types, including sandalwood, maple and black-wood. Besides looking great, it can tell you the time in two time zones at the same time. This watch is so unique that you cannot expect the watch to look exactly like the one in the picture. And that’s a good thing if you ask me. The watch consist of a 45 millimeters (diameter) dark case with four dials. Where only the two larger ones got a practical function, and a two-toned band made mostly out of sandalwood. The watch is waterproof to the extent that you can’t take a swim wearing the watch, but you can enjoy a walk in the rain. This two-toned watch combines the classic old-school vintage watch with a brighter and more flashy look due to the light colors. This watch is perfect for every gentleman trying to impress at the next date or job interview.

WeWood Kappa-Army Wooden-Watch

Billedresultat for WeWood Men's Kappa Army Wooden Watch

WeWood is one of the more popular and spectacular players in the wooden-watch industry and you can understand why. This KAPPA-ARMY watch is definitely a masculine looking watch with some nice stylish details. The watch is made mostly out of VERAWOOD. A tree native to South America, and the different dark tones created by the VERAWOOD combined with the classy and masculine design is exactly why you have to pay a bit more for this watch. The dial window material is made from hardened scratch proofed mineral glass. The case is 45.5 millimeters (diameter), and the band is of course all wood, with a small metal buckle. The WeWood brand started in 2010 in Italy and their mission – besides making great looking wooden-watches – to plant one million trees by 2020. Oh, and they only use sustainable and recycled materials. You can order WeWood watches all day long with a good conscience.


Billedresultat for Original Grain Sapele Wood Men's Watch

This ORIGINAL GRAIN men’s wristwatch may well be the best combination of stainless steel and dark-coloured wood I’ve ever seen (speaking of wooden watches, that is). The brand “ORIGIANAL GRAIN” have secured their place in heaven by collaborating with the organisation “Trees for the future”. This partnership means that for every wooden-watch sold by ORIGINAL GRAIN, “Trees for the future” plants ten trees – providing food, jobs, and a sustainable nature for the future.

When you combine such a good-looking watch, with being eco-friendly, you’ve got yourself a good combination. Now to the boring part. This ORIGINAL GRAIN watch is waterproof down to 30 metres, scratch resistant, adjustable to fit any wrist, and in addition, the all-natural Sapless wood is highly resilient against decay. If you got the cash for a +100$ watch this would without a doubt be my suggestion. In my mind this it the offspring of an old wooden-whiskey barrel, and a matte-black Jaguar. Now that’s something you want to own.