Cool Wallets for Men 2017

You’d agree with me that a lot of men don’t like shopping. Most of us don’t know what we really need when it comes to clothes and accessories.

However, there is an exception to this rule when it comes to our wallet. We don’t Joke with it! We are always on the look out for the best wallet that will fit our different wants and needs.

But the big question is how do you choose the best wallet?

It can be pretty hard to know which wallet is the best and appeals most to you. My goal in this article is to find wallets that are well-designed, well-built and will spark the interests of the wants and needs of all our readers.

But, before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the current problems of wallets today.

The current problems of wallets today are their size. Most men usually reach out to the biggest wallet they can find so that they can fit in much items as possible.

Also, some people go to the extent of being particularly in love with the trifold wallet because it has more slots than a regular bi-fold.


But why is the size a problem?

The issue is men are inclined to fill it with many items. But at the end of the day when they are done packing it, they end up having a wallet almost 2 inches thick.

Well, this is impractical; it’s intrusive and doesn’t look proper on a gentleman.


Why is it impractical?

Let me explain why it is impractical. Think about it, how many times have you found it difficult trying to reach out to a particular card in your wallet you want to use at that point?

All the while you’ve been maneuvering through a bunch of old business cards that you probably don’t use regularly. The way I see this is it would be much more practical to slim down your wallet.

One way you can do that is to put away some of the items you won’t be using on a regular basis.

The problem with these thick wallets is that they add unnecessary bulge to your outfit. It doesn’t usually look very appealing when you see a man with a large wallet in his back or front pocket.

To get the best male wallet, you need to consider the style, the shape, the functionality, and the size before picking the right wallet.


You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it have the appropriate room for all your needs?
  • Does it fit perfectly in your back or front pocket?
  • Does it make it easy for you have access to what you have in it?
  • Also, consider what you don’t like about the wallet.

These factors above will make the selection process easier for you.


Types of Wallet

The next thing you need to consider is the style of the wallet. Some styles to choose from include:

  • I.D wallet: wallets that display your I.D and driver’s license or other identification. This model helps to reduce the wear of the wallet by not removing the credit card often.
  • Bi-fold: the billfold is usually better if you have more cash because it folds only ones.
  • Tri-fold: The trifold wallet is better if you carry less cash but more credit cards.
  • Credit card wallet: if you carry no cash and only credit card, then this type of wallet is perfect.
  • Chequebook wallet: a chequebook wallet is for carrying cheques and if you don’t like folding things you keep in your wallet.

So, what type of wallet solves these problems? What kind of wallet do you think every man should own?

Well, I know my suggestions may probably not appeal to everyone. But these wallets definitely hit all the two points:

-They have an excellent design

-Most of all, it’s slim and fits perfectly well to all your cards

Top 7 Cool Wallets for Men 2017


Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flip out ID Wallet Bi-fold Trifold Hybrid

Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flip out ID Wallet

Spine Swiss men’s wallet is not just a practical and beautiful accessory.  It’s also a multi-functional device with a set of entirely unique features. The device offers a classic hybrid design that gives you the dual feature of a bi-fold and trifold wallet. The wallet closes up like a bi-fold wallet and opens up like a trifold wallet

Since we already knew how good it was, we decided to pull the trigger on this wallet. This Men’s wallet is made from high-quality well-crafted materials.

One thing I like about this wallet is it comes with nice quality soft leather design. The device has four slots that hold your credit cards filmy. It also offers a slot-dedicated I.D window with a feature to make it easily removable.

On top of that, the men’s leather Bi-fold features an opening that allows you to add more cards and other valuable items. This is my favorite because it gives you extra security and prevents you from losing your wallet and other valuable information. The size of the wallet is great and it can fit your pocket perfectly.

One downside is that the wallet is not that thin. So, if you are wearing one of those skinny jeans, then this wallet is not for you. Other than that, it should fit most men’s pocket.


  • The Swiss Men’s Leather has alot of space to keep the credit cards, business, ID cards and cash comfortably.
  • The stitching on this item is fantastic and holds up pretty tight
  • The wallet has death grip hold on cards.
  • The slots to keep the cards are separated by enough space which makes it is easy to take the cards out
  • It features many compartments that allow you to keep your cards in order


  • RFID blocking feature is missing in this wallet.
  • while the bill holder is great for the money, it’s too small for receipt

The two slots located at the bottom of the wallet are stacked directly on top of each other.

Available on Amazon

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Leather Pass case Wallet with Removable Card Holder

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ranger Leather Pass case Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger men’s Ranger Leather is stately designed and created with a 100 percent cowhide leather material that comes in a beautiful thin case. The texture and construction of this wallet are great. I can tell you right now, from the feel and smell of it, you could tell it’s a great wallet.

The Men’s Ranger is one of the thinnest wallets you could find on the market. The Men’s Ranger comes with a four card slots, two pockets and one large bill compartment. The Flip up ID compartment has an easy access thumb hole and a removable pass case to meet your specific needs.

The bi-fold wallet looks smart and elegant. It provides enough space for cards, coins and banks notes. The Men’s ranger also offers two windows and a secret compartment behind the two windows to give you enough option to store up your valuables.

You will be surprised to discover that the wallet can take about eight cards that I usually carry in my fat wallet. But, I was able to put everything conveniently in this much smaller wallet.


  • The leather feels sturdy, and the inside is very well structured
  • The wallet has lots of storage and isn’t fat or big
  • Comes with the perfect size that fits well into your front and back pocket
  • Offers 100% tough Cowhide Leather
  • The tan color is very classy and elegant


  • The cash slot is sturdy as well but does not have a zipper to close.
  • The wallet is nice and stylish, but some of the compartments are prone to ripping.

The device is very Prone to scratches

Available on Amazon

Radix One Slim Wallet

Radix One Slim Wallet

The Radio one slim wallet is a very simple wallet designed to replace the standard bi-fold and tri-fold wallet you can find around. It features two polycarbonate parts with a silicone band. The Band also acts as a money clip and holds cash on the outside. The design is just straightforward and decent.

You can also sandwich your card on the inside of the wallet for more protection.

The device holds your card correctly and allows you to slide it in or out quickly and easily. With this brand, there’s no need for you to pull out all your cards and search through them before selecting the card you want.

All you need to do is to slide out the card that you need, pinch the bottom of the wallet, navigate through your cards and pull out the one you want. This slim wallet can conveniently hold 4 to 10 cards without bulging out in your pocket. For the price, I think this is a pretty decent simple to use wallet.


  • Significantly thinner than most existing wallets
  • Offers a compact and High-quality design that can hold your cards tightly and securely.
  • Strong and durable polycarbonate parts
  • The wallet can easily store both cash and cards in a very slim profile
  • Comfortably holds 4-10 cards and they’re very easy to access


  • It does take a bit of effort to remove cards on the inner portion of the stack
  • when you insert some amount of cash and card into it, the rubber might eventually expand and loosen

You have to take every card out to take a single card out.

Available on Amazon

RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet

RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet

If you are looking for the best bi-fold wallet that will protect your stuff from strangers during your short vacation, then the RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Wallet is what you should consider. This slim wallet is made from premium genuine Napa leather that fits perfectly with formal suits or jeans.

The 100 percent genuine leather Wallet is very sturdy and handmade and features an excellent Credit Card Protector from thieves. I was very curious how it’s going to break through.

It offers a slim wallet that is super small and can fit into your pocket perfectly well. The first thing that you’ll notice about the wallet is that it is identical on each side and has two pockets on the front that allows enough space for a good number of cards and one large center pocket for folded cash.

It also has two pockets at the back which can also take in credit cards. The slim wallet also offers a currency and an ID flip divider to help to give your cash extra security.


  • Comes with a RFID protection that will prevent anyone from obtaining your information.
  • The device comes with a compact Design that allows you  to put your wallet in your font or back pocket wear
  • Great and affordable Price for a high-quality product
  • The stitching seems solid and tight.
  • The tightness of the leather keeps the wallet feeling very slim even when it is filled up with cards
  • You can easily remove your cards from the various compartments.


  • The flaps of the bill compartment are a little bit taller for a minimalist wallet.
  • No zipped compartment to give your cash or card extra security while running or jogging.

The wallet is slightly too wide. It has a tendency to open, and credit cards are revealed.

Available on Amazon

Voisi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip

Voisi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip

If you’re looking for an ideal wallet to give out to your loved ones, this is the perfect deal for you. The Voisi Genuine Kingston Leatheris aesthetically designed with little stitches that make this brand as one of the most beautiful brands you can find.

This practical and multifunctional device comes with a set of entirely unique features. The leather is made up of rare earth magnet that will prevent your money from falling out. The genuine Kingston Leather is thin, and it’s about 4″x 3″ to perfectly fit in your pocket. For me, that is a perfect size. It seamlessly disappears in your pocket.

The wallet can fit in so many cards pretty well.  It also offers two bigger slots which allow you to put in your identity card and three other slots for your credit cards.


  • The product is made from rare earth magnets so that you can hold on to your cash firmly.
  • Offers a stitching and secure card slot holders
  • The device can hold all your card sand remain small enough to fit in my front pocket.
  • The cards are easy to get out and are held securely in place.
  • Features a red tab that allows you to pull your credit cards out easily.


  • The Leather seems to scratch easily.
  • There is no dedicated slot in this wallet to keep your receipt.

The metal clip to hold money is a little bulkier than seems necessary

Available on Amazon

SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets

Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

The SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather is a gorgeous and unobtrusive handmade wallet crafted from top grain leather. The minimalist device is elegantly designed to hold all your essentials intact.

The wallet offers an automatic feature that allows you to have quick access to any of your cards. Essentially, all you need to do is pull the little lever, and you’ll automatically have access to your favorite cards.

Another good feature about this wallet is that it comes with a RFID protection for any card.

You can comfortably store your banknotes because of its large space. The wallet features three card slots on the left side, a wider slot on the right, and one compartment behind both sides of the slots.

The only drawback of this wallet is that it’s a little pricey. But, I want to say it is one of the coolest wallets that are worth checking out.


  • Features a RFID blocking to protect valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans.
  • The wallet is slim and at the same time, stylish. You can easily use it for front or back pocket wear.
  • The product is made from high-quality handmade sturdy and durable full grain leather.
  • The minimalist design allows your wallet stays slim while still carrying a decent load of essential cards


  • At first, the wallet feels tight and stiff. But after sometime it softens and stretches to a very pliable wallet.

The clip does not have a spring to hold cash from dropping

Available on Amazon

BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

If you are looking for a compact wallet that can hold all your credit cards, then you shouldn’t miss out on this one. The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet features a combination of a slim and spacious compartment that gives you easy access to your favorite card. Even with one hand, you can easily access any card of your choice.

To get to these cards, all you need to do is to pull the tab for easy access to your most used card. If you carry cash, coins or keys, the built-in pocket allows you to easily store and access these items while maintaining a slim profile. The wallet holds between 1 to 15 cards which include credit cards, Heath insurance card, ID card etc.

This wallet also fits into your front pocket perfectly well. This high-quality brand offers a premium synthetic minimalist design that prevents your wallet from having stains and scratches on the surface.


  • The Basics minimalist wallet offers a slim profile and easy access to your cards.
  • The unique pull tab technology allows you to get access to your most used cards with a simple pull.
  • To ensure durability, the product offers a used medical grade elastic, and double stitched wallet to ensure it was built to last.
  • It holds cash, coins, keys, or items of a similar size.
  • The wallet is slim and comfortable for front pocket use


  • It would be great if the seams were built in flat part of the wallet instead on edge to avoid the wallet from ripping off in time.

When you push your cards back in, the edges of the wallet fold inward a little as you’re pushing the cards.

Available on Amazon


I would highly recommend these top-notch wallets to anyone that is looking for the coolest men’s wallet.

So, if you want a high-end wallet that comes in tip-top shape, then these wallets are simply the best ones you can find on the market.

Let me know what your thoughts and experience are with these products in the comment below. I’d be glad to hear from you.

Top 10 Best Men’s Wallets 2017

With so many different types of wallets out on the market today, it can be hard to know which wallets are worth your money. We’ve put together a quick list of the top 10 men’s wallets for 2017. With plenty of variety across materials, styles, and brands, you’re sure to find a wallet that’ll pique your interest, or that’s just your style. Check out our list below.

Huge Capacity Bifold – Levi’s Men’s Extra Capacity Leather Slimfold Wallet

Levi's Men's 31LV1344, Black, One Size
  • MADE FROM 100% GENUINE LEATHER: Because Levi's is an...
  • CAPACITY: 9 card slots to hold all your cards, 2 hidden...
  • CLASSIC STYLE: This bifold leather wallet by Levi’s...
  • SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET –Passcase design will perfectly...
  • LEVIS HISTORICAL QUALITY: Levi’s first started to...

Bifolds with large capacity have gotten a somewhat bad reputation over the years, but if you truly need a high capacity wallet for tons of cards, cash, and other items, this Levi’s Men’s Extra Capacity Leather Slimfold wallet is perfect.

It combines a huge amount of storage with a relatively thin profile, and it’s made out of a 100% genuine leather material that’s attractive and durable, and it’s built with a plastic frame that will help it keep its shape over time, avoiding the “squash” factor sometimes associated with these wallets.

It closes securely and tightly, and the card slots are tight and hold your stuff fast. You can also remove one of the card slot holders if you’d like a slimmer profile and don’t want to carry around too much stuff.

Minimalist Textile – Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallet Slim Wallet Genuine Leather

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size(04 crosshatch...
  • 1 YEAR QUALITY PROTECTION, it covers any defect...
  • SUPER MINIMALIST & SLIM: only 0.12" thick, sizing...
  • PREMIUM FUNCTIONALITY: Our RFID wallet not only...

If you want a minimalist cardholder that’s a little different than typical leather offerings, this wallet by Travelambo is just what you need. It’s built out of a high quality textile that incorporates an RFID blocking design, which keeps your smart cards and chip cards secure from those who may try to acquire your information with NFC readers.

It has six card slots – three in the front, three in the back, in a two-vertical, one-horizontal arrangement that makes it easy to stay organized. Combined with a large receipt/cash slot that’s accessible from the top, minimalists will love this wallet.

It’s lightweight, it’s durable, and it looks damn good, and for those reasons (plus its security factors) we recommend this to anyone looking for a great, non-leather cardholder.

Cardholder/Money Clip Combo Wallet – SimpacX RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Wallet

SimpacX RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men Money...
  • SAFETY. PRIVACY. SECURITY - Our wallets are equipped...
  • SLIM AND STYLISH -Designed Quick Access ID Windows,...
  • GENUINE LEATHER - Made with the Finest Full Grain...
  • HOW IT WORKS- At last! A wallet that will meet your...

This well-designed wallet from Simpac combines a high-capacity money clip with a unique cardholder design, allowing you to hold up to 10 cards, along with a huge selection of US dollar bills and other currency, while maintaining a slim profile.

It also offers a quick access slot on the front of the wallet for your most used card, as well as an ID slot to make identifying yourself convenient. A large capacity card-slot with a pull tab gives you a way to stash away your less-used cards, while still keeping them easily accessible.

It’s made of full grain leather, and the great, innovative design means that you can store tons of cards and cash in a slim profile that would be impossible with any other type of wallet.  Combine this with the RFID-blocking technology that’s incorporated into the body, and this is a great buy for anybody who’s looking to downsize from a larger bifold or trifold, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, and doesn’t want to sacrifice storage space.

Best Textile Bifold – Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet

Herschel Men's Roy Wallet
  • Signature stripe pattern at interior binding

Textiles are in. This attractive bifold wallet is lightweight, due to its 100% polyester design, yet it’s durable and, because of the stretchier properties of textiles compared to leather, it can hold a gigantic amount of stuff while still remaining slim and light.

It comes with 8 huge-capacity card slots – we’re pretty sure you could fit at least 2 (non-raised-text) cards in each of these slots, giving you an enormous amount of storage capacity. It’s also got a large cash pocket in the back, so you’ve got plenty of room for bills too.

In addition, it features two extra receipt/miscellaneous slots below the 8 card slots, so whether you need to stash receipts, business cards, stickers, or pretty much anything you could imagine, you’ll have plenty of extra storage space.

If you like classic bifolds but don’t want a heavyweight leather wallet, this is a great pick. It’s inexpensive, quality, and lightweight. In addition, the classic Herschel-trademarked lining and beautiful color options mean you’re sure to find a wallet that uniquely suits you.

Classic Trifold – Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Cambridge Trifold Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Trifold Wallet-Sleek and Slim Includes ID Window and Credit Card Holder, Tan,...
  • MADE FROM GENUINE LEATHER: Crafted out of real leather,...
  • EXTRA CAPACITY: Our Tommy Hilfiger wallet offers 6...
  • TRIFOLD SILHOUETTE: The trifold silhouette offers you a...
  • SLIM POCKET IN STYLE: It's simple and straightforward,...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Most guys out there could use a new...

Some men just love trifold wallets. And we can see why – they offer great storage in a relatively small profile, and many prefer the way that they fold cash, as well as their top-loading card storage options.

If you’re a trifold diehard looking for a new go-to wallet, we recommend this wallet by Tommy Hilfiger. It’s made of a quality leather, and lined with a sueded leather – not a textile, so you know it’s got 100% quality leather construction. The contrast stitching and Tommy Hilfiger logo add a bit of class to this refined trifold, and it’s got plenty of storage features, with 8 interior pockets, a removable photo/business card holder,  and two separate interior cash storage slots.

Trifold diehards will love its small profile, and this wallet is also perfect for front-pocket carriers who need plenty of storage, as its slim and narrow profile fit better into smaller front pockets than bifolds typically do.

Cardholder – Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin

Vaultskin CHELSEA Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet for Men with RFID Blocking, Front Pocket Credit...
  • ULTRA SLIM – Chelsea is a tiny triumph! You’ll love...
  • ELEGANT – Whether you’re male or female, the...
  • LUXURY – Premier top grain genuine Italian leather...
  • RFID SECURE – High-end, high-tech insulation blocks...
  • GORGEOUS GIFT – You can’t live without one, and...

Minimalists with a love of quality leather products, rejoice! This wallet by Vaultskin is made of a full-grain Italian leather that’s a pleasure to hold, and it’s designed smartly to allow maximum storage with minimum size and weight.

It’s made with a versatile 3-pocket design – one on the front, one on the back, and a large interior pocket. These 3 pockets can be used however you wish, with the front pocket holding 1-2 cards, the middle pocket holding up to 5 (or fewer and some cash) and the rear pocket holding 3. You can stash your cash in any of these pockets, but we do recommend carrying your smart cards and chip cards in the interior pocket, where it will be totally RFID protected.

This wallet is as minimal as it gets, but don’t let that fool you. The unique 3-pocket design makes it totally versatile, so you can customize your card-carrying experience, and enjoy knowing that you’ve got exactly what you need, exactly where you need it.

Front Pocket Wallet – Front Pocket Wallet By Rogue Wallet

Front Pocket Men's Leather Wallet - Patented Design With ID And 6 Card Slots - Brown Men's Leather...
  • Classic Rogue Industries Genuine Top Grain Leather...
  • Features a Full Size Banknote Divider, 3 Card Slots,...
  • Holds Up to 6 Credit Cards, Organized Comfortably in...
  • 5" x 3.4" x 0.25", 1.4 oz

The Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Wallet remains a perennial favorite of ours. It’s totally unique, and designed specifically for men who like to carry wallets in their front pockets, with a curved profile and plenty of lightweight storage.

And despite its minimal profile, it packs four total interior pockets, as well as an ID slot and a fully-functional billfold pocket, all of which combined mean it can hold up to 6 cards and a generous sampling of cash, while still remaining lightweight and fitting perfectly in your pocket.

Its genuine leather construction means that it will last for years, and the specially cut profile fits perfectly into front pockets, so if you’re a front-pocket-wallet carrier, you won’t find a more specialized product for you. And if you’re curious about moving your wallet to your front pocket, this is certainly a great wallet to look into for the ultimate experience.

Textile Passport Wallet – Herschel Supply Co. Raynor Passport Holder

Herschel Men's Raynor RFID Passport Holder, Navy/Red
  • RFID blocking layer to help prevent the unwarranted...
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • Passport sleeve
  • Multiple card slots

Passport wallets are often bulky and ungainly, given the large amount of material used to make them, but they’re still very useful when travelling – there’s nothing worse than that heartstopping moment where you forget, exactly, which pocket of your backpack you stashed your passport in, and keeping your passport close to you is essential for your safety and security while traveling.

That’s why we love this passport wallet by Herschel. It combines 3 high-capacity card slots with a generous cash slot sized for basically any size of paper currency, as well as a large passport slot, to create a passport wallet that’s lightweight, flexible, and convenient (as well as being quite a looker).

If you need a passport wallet, but aren’t interested in a large, expensive leather wallet, this passport holder by Herschel certainly deserves a look.

Card Case/Bifold Combo – Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Exeter Passcase Billfold Wallet with Removable Card Case

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Passcase Wallet with Removable Card Holder, Exeter Khaki, One Size
  • Mixed-media wallet in canvas and leather with rubber...
  • Includes a gift box which can be used as a valet tray

Talk about versatile! Tommy Hilfiger has created a great bifold combination wallet that’s a high-capacity billfold when you need it, and comes with a removable card case for those times when you want to travel light.

Crafted out of an eye catching combination of buffalo leather, cowhide, and cotton textile, this wallet is a great choice for you if often change up what you carry with you, and need a wallet that can expand (and shrink) with you.

The high-quality leather is stitched together expertly and there’s plenty of storage in the bifold, with four dedicated card slots, a receipt slot, and the removable card holder that can hold about 4 cards, as well as an ID window for your driver’s license.

The cardholder is easily removable, and can easily hold in excess of 4-5 cards, so you can carry just your debit/credit cards and ID, etc. if you’re out for a night on the town and don’t want to worry about carrying a ton of cash.

High quality, customizable, and convenient, this is a great alternative to more traditional bifolds.

Bifold Card Case/ID Wallet Alpine Swiss Thin Front Pocket Wallet Business Card Case

This card case is perfect for anyone who wants a minimal storage solution, but doesn’t want to sacrifice an ID slot. It’s built in a unique style, featuring an ID slot on one side and four card slots, as well as a cash slot on the other side. It even feature an external card slot for your most-used cards, making it very convenient, as well as giving it plenty of total storage capacity.

It’s built out of a high quality genuine leather, and the ID slot is sturdy, crafted out of a dense, high-quality plastic that’s easy to handle, from which you can slide your ID and other cards in and out easily, in case you need to give someone a better view.

You can expect to fit about 5 cards in this wallet, including your ID, and a small portion of cash in the small cash/receipt slot in the wallet.

Overall, this is a great cardholder for anyone who likes the bifold style and need an ID slot, yet wants a minimal wallet that’s slim and lightweight.


That does it for our quick list of the top 10 wallets for men in 2017. There’s a huge style variety here, and even if you haven’t found the exact wallet for you, these different styles, brands, and manufacturers should give you a good idea of what’s on the market, and point you in the right direction, helping you find the perfect wallet for you.

Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, a leather lover, a textile-fan, a traveler, or a young professional, you’re sure to find the perfect wallet.

Current Bestsellers

Mens unique and unusual wallets 2017

With the huge number of diverse wallets out on the market today, we feel that it’s important that every man have a comprehensive, informed knowledge of what, exactly, they’re buying when they look at a product online.

This can be tough – buying something like a wallet online is always different that buying one in person, and there’s a lot more risk to it, as you’re sometimes not quite sure what it is you’re getting, or confident in the quality of the materials used to make it. This is especially common in off-brand, lower-cost wallets.

So we’ve put together a comprehensive wallet-buying guide to help you through this process. We’ll look at best wallet brands, modern wallet materials, styles, and even give you some product recommendations in each category so that you can shop confidently, happily, and end up with a wallet that you can love for years to come.

Modern Wallet Materials

Leather still dominates the wallet world, but there are plenty of other materials used to make wallets as well, often in concert with leather in “hybrid” models. Let’s take a look at these materials now, so that you can better understand the wallet market today.

Genuine Leather

Leather is probably the oldest wallet material on the market today, and when you think of a wallet, you probably think “leather”. There’s a reason for this – it’s durable, somewhat inexpensive in the quantities needed for wallets, and it ages very well, making it a great choice when investing in a wallet.

However, not all leather is created alike. There is a wide spectrum of leather on the market today, and some leathers are much higher quality than others. This is not to say that even lower-grade leather wallets are not worth your money – they’re generally quite inexpensive, and even polyurethane-coated “split-grain” leather wallets can last you years.

But these cheaper wallets usually won’t age well, so we’ll quickly go over a couple products to help you recognize the differences between leather types.

Lower-end Leather – Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout ID Wallet Bifold Trifold Hybrid

Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout Wallet

This wallet from Alpine Swiss sits firmly on the lower end of the price spectrum when it comes to leather wallets, but that doesn’t mean it’s “low quality”. In fact, this wallet is one of the best reviewed on Amazon – it’s high quality and well-made, despite a slightly lower leather grade. It’s got plenty of storage, durability, and features for the price, including an ID slot and a flip-out cardholder that gives you tons of space to stash your stuff, alongside a full billfold slot.

Available on Amazon

Compare this to the below wallet:

High-end Leather – Hammer Anvil Men’s Slimfold Wallet

High-end Leather - Hammer Anvil Men's Slimfold Wallet

Yes, this wallet is approximately 6x the price of the Alpine Swiss wallet. Is it worth it? Well, that’s really up to you. This wallet maintains most of the functionality of the Alpine Swiss wallet, with a quick-access card slot on the front, an ID slot, and plenty of card and cash storage. It’s also made out of an unbelievably high quality leather that’s beautiful, supple, and easily boot or shoe-grade, and will certainly last you decades with proper care.

Available on Amazon

So what should I choose?

The decision between high-end and low-end leather is really related to how long you intend to keep a wallet. If you’re willing to invest in a leather wallet that’s higher-end, you’ll pay out the nose, but it’ll last you decades. If you want to sample different types of wallets, or have a tendency to lose wallets, high-end leather might not be right for you.

An expensive wallet will never be a waste of money if it’s constructed well, and most cheap wallets won’t give up the ghost after only a couple months of wear, contrary to popular belief. They’re both legitimate options, and the choice between the two is really a matter of taste and budget, not “which is absolutely better”. The answer will be different for each person, and this part of our guide is built to help you find the answer.


Textiles have been growing in popularity for wallets in recent years. This can be attributed to their high durability and low cost compared to mid and high-end leathers, their light weight, and the thinness that high-quality textiles can offer in wallets.

As smaller wallets have come in vogue, textiles have been great for creating minimalistic, easy-to-carry wallets. If you like light weight designs and aren’t interested in leather, you might want to check out some textile wallets like these:

Textile Bifold – Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet

Herschel Supply Co. Wallet

This textile bifold is pretty much just an interpretation of the classic leather bifold. It contains 8 interior pockets for receipts and cards, and a large billfold area for stashing plenty of cash, and it manages to do so in a slimmer silhouette and with a lighter weight than most leather bifold wallets, which makes it popular with the more minimalist crowd. However, it’s still a pretty traditional design, and incorporates a simple, 100% polyester design with a lined interior. There are some even edgier textile wallets on the market today, and we’ll look at one below.

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SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

This wallet is thoroughly modern. The high-tech material is waterproof, impact resistant, tear resistant, and totally durable, while maintaining an absurdly light weight and unparalleled durability. Unlike the Herschel wallet, this wallet is thoroughly modern, with an incredibly slim design that still allows for plenty of storage.

This is probably one of the most cutting-edge textile wallets on the market, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see many more like it popping up in the market as advanced materials get cheaper and continue to improve.

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Leathers and textiles (or some combination thereof) comprise probably 95% of the wallet market, but there are other, more exotic materials as well, including both metals and plastics. Here are a couple examples of these niche wallets.

MaxGear™ Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

MaxGear Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

Most metal wallets are limited to card holders, as the inflexible design makes them mostly incapable of folding into more classic bifold or trifold designs. If you’re not in the habit of carrying cash, or don’t mind sticking it in a card slot, you may be interested in one of these minimalist, metal, accordion-style card cases. They offer plenty of card storage, and an unparalleled amount of  RFID protection due to their all-metal designs.

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Dynomighty Men’s Mighty Wallet

Dynomighty Men's Mighty Wallet

The Mighty Wallet is certainly the industry leader for plastic wallets. It’s made out of HDPE – High Density Polyurethane, a durable, tear-resistant plastic made of many interlocked, twisting plastic fibers that are woven together for strength and durability.

This is a popular wallet for people who are looking for something even lighter than textile wallets – this entire wallet is featherweight, and can hold plenty of stuff with the billfold pockets and stretchable, expandable internal card slots.

Though traditionalists may scoff at these unique, non-leather or textile wallets, they’re certainly growing in popularity, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more unique, specialty wallets in 2017.

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Modern Wallet Styles

That’s it for materials, so let’s move on to wallet styles. Most of these are perennial favorites that have been used since the invention of the modern wallet, but there are plenty of offerings that modernize these designs, and some that are totally unique, modern inventions. Let’s take a look at the most popular styles of wallet on the market today.


Trifold wallets are classics. They offer plenty of storage space in a relatively compact profile compared to bifolds, but they are generally quite a bit thicker. That makes sense, of course – a piece of paper folded in half is thinner than a piece of paper folded into thirds – but can sometimes turn some people off of trifold designs, especially if they prefer to carry their wallets in their back pockets. Front pocket wallet wearers are huge fans of trifolds.

Despite their flaws, trifold users love the huge amount of organization and storage space usually offered by these wallets. They’re generally very customizable and can contain plenty of cards, cash, and miscellaneous items. Let’s take a look at a typical trifold on the market today.

Fossil Men’s Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet

Fossil Men's Wallet

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. This trifold wallet by Fossil includes a huge amount of storage space – 9 card slots plus 3 extra interior pockets below them, along with a dedicated ID slot. The generous rear pocket allows for plenty of billfold storage, and it still maintains a slim silhouette due to the trifold design, measuring in at only 3” wide, even when fully loaded.

This wallet combines classic design, great materials, and a roomy interior to create a wallet that’s truly emblematic of modern trifold trends.

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Bifolds are another classic wallet design that have been popular since time immemorial. They can be thought of as a cousin to the trifold, and they’re probably more popular overall. This is because, unlike the trifold, they are more suitable for wear in the rear pocket, due to their generally lower height.

They usually offer a smaller amount of storage space compared to a trifold, but a similar amount of organizational options, and a generally flatter, more spread-out profile.

Let’s take a look at an example of a modern bifold now.

Timberland Men’s Blix Slimfold Wallet

Timberland Men's Blix Slimfold Wallet

Compared to our trifold offering, the storage capacity of this wallet by Timberland looks quite limited indeed, but it’s still got plenty of space, with three dedicated card slots that can hold two cards each, along with an ID slot and two interior pockets that can be used for cards or receipts, or other miscellaneous items such as business cards. This is finished off with a large billfold slot in the back, which gives plenty of space for cash.

Though it’s more limited than a trifold, this bifold still offers plenty of storage space, and this is the trend you’ll see overall between bifold and trifold users. Bifolds are a great middle ground between the maximalist trifold and the minimalist cardholders and even smaller wallets, making them certainly the most popular wallet style on the market today.

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Money Clip Hybrid Bifolds

This is a relatively new kind of wallet on the market today. We’re not sure how exactly it came about, but this style of wallet was clearly created to solve the “closing crunch” problem that can sometimes become clear when you’re stuffing a bifold wallet full of stuff. Think about where all of those items will meet first when you try to close your wallet – the middle! This makes the middle “crunch”, and causes the ends of the wallet to flare out, giving it a larger profile than is comfortable, and creating issues when you try to store the wallet in your back pocket.

The money clip hybrid bifold solves this problem by keeping all of your stuff stacked up in a single line, creating a slim profile that still maintains plenty of storage space. Let’s take a look at one now.

Simpac RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Simpac RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Wallet

This wallet by Simpac incorporates great features with a slim, modern design. The internal money clip can hold plenty of cash, and there’s a quick access card slot on the front of the wallet for your most used card (or two!). Inside, you can find another card storage slot on the front, as well as an ID slot with a fine, micromesh plastic cover that offers plenty of protection and visibility. On the other side, you’ll find several more card slots for your lesser-used cards, and you can easily store up to 10 total cards in this wallet, along with plenty of cash in the middle money-clip.

This modern style is one to look out for if you love carrying plenty of cards and cash for every occasion, but don’t like large trifolds, or even larger bifolds. This super-slim silhouette isn’t for everyone – some people don’t like money clips – but we certainly recommend it if you’re looking for a lighter weight, contemporary storage solution.

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Card Cases/Minimalist Wallets

Card cases and minimalist, non-folding wallets have grown in popularity steadily over the last 5 years or so, given the fact that just about every store accepts credit cards, and the rise of alternative payment methods such as NFC smartphone payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and others. People are ditching high-capacity wallets in droves for simple, sometimes two-pocket solutions that are lightweight, but hold everything that the modern man needs – an ID, debit card, insurance cards, and a little bit of cash.

If you’re interested in really slimming down your pockets, these minimalist wallets are just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at one now.

HUSKK Slim Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet for Men

Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet for Men

This minimalist wallet was designed specifically for front pocket use, but can be worn anywhere you like. It features three total slots – two external card slots that can hold 2 cards each, and a roomier interior pocket that can hold some cards and cash – up to 8 total cards, or 6 cards and a couple folded bills.

One trend we find in these sorts of wallets (and a huge benefit) is that they can be made of premium materials – such as this genuine Italian leather – for much lower prices than other wallets, because they use far less material. That’s certainly a bonus if you’re looking for a very high-quality wallet at a low price.

While this style of wallet isn’t for everyone, minimalist cardholder wallet users swear they never want to go back, saying it simplifies their life, and makes them think about what they really need to carry with them.

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Money Clip Cardholders

Money clip cardholders can be thought of as a sort of intermediate step between a bifold (or bifold money clip) and a minimalist cardholder wallet. They offer both plenty of cash storage space and card storage space, in a profile that sits somewhere between a slim bifold and a cardholder wallet in size. Lets check out a typical product now.

Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather Money Clip Thin Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather

This wallet by Alpine Swiss offers a great combination of cash storage and card slots in a minimalist, thin profile. It’s fully featured, with 3 card slots and a front ID window, and an included magnetic front money clip that can easily hold 10+ bills, making it perfect for anyone who wants to go minimal with their cards, but still needs to carry plenty of cash.

While it’s thicker than a minimalist cardholder wallet, and has fewer storage and customization options than a comparable bifold wallet, it strikes a great balance for this money clip cardholder niche, and is a great example of this growing wallet niche.

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There are other wallet styles out there, but in this guide we believe we’ve covered about 95% of them, and with our guide on materials, styles, and wallet options to look out for in 2017, we hope we’ve given you a good idea about what products are available to you, both vintage and modern in style and capacity.

With the information you’ve gotten from this guide, along with our product recommendations and our discussion of features and options, we hope you’ve gotten all of the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision on what wallet to buy. It may seem a bit silly to put this much work into researching wallets, but think about it – you use your wallet every day, and you will probably be doing so for the rest of your life.

That makes it quite important, and that’s why we think finding your perfect wallet is so necessary. Because it’s the little things that matter, and having a wallet that’s suitable for your lifestyle, simple, and easy to use and easy to carry is a little thing that matters quite a bit.

Good luck, and happy shopping.

Best mens wallet brands

A good, well-made wallet is essential for any modern man. Having a great, well-made wallet can really set you apart from the crowd.  The barista at the coffee shop is going to take notice if you pull a crisp $20 out of your genuine leather wallet (well, more than she would if you yanked a rumpled and stained bill from your sweatpants pocket).

But wallets aren’t just a fashion statement; after all, you’ve got to use your wallet pretty much every day, which makes selecting a new wallet a daunting task. There are so many different kinds of wallets, all unique and suitable for different people with different lifestyles.

That’s why we’ve put together this top 10 list. Consisting of top 10 wallets over all different types of styles and construction, all from different brands, this list is sure to help you get an idea of what kind of products are out there for you to buy, even if you don’t purchase a wallet directly from this list.

Read on, educate yourself, and take a look at these unique wallets.

SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men Money Clip

SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men Money Clip

Our first wallet is made by Serman Brands, and it’s a slim, all-leather wallet featuring an ID slot and an internal money clip, as well as RFID blocking technology.

Offered in six different colors, it has a front-side cardholder for your most used card, 2 pockets on the interior, and a smart pull-strap to help you access cards you may have buried deep within the wallet; no more stumbling around to get to your rarely-used credit cards when you’re trying to pick up your morning latte.

The durable genuine leather construction is classy and slim, yet allows you to carry up to 10 cards including your cash, with little extra bulk. If you’re looking for a wallet that you can easily carry in your front or back pocket, look no further.

The RFID blocking technology is what’s most unique about this wallet, though. Although the standard chip integration, NFC, and RFID integration on more and more smartcards makes your life more convenient, it also makes your data more vulnerable. So it’s more essential than ever that you protect your data from unwanted access.

This RFID blocking technology helps protect your valuable data, and avoids identity theft problems that are especially prevalent when you’re travelling abroad. It blocks all 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals to protect your information from unauthorized scans.

Available on Amazon

Timberland Men’s Hunter Color-Block Trifold Wallet

image02Trifold wallets have gotten a bad rap in recent days, in our opinion. While it’s true that they can sometimes be a bit bulkier compared to their monofold and bifold brethren, they certainly have utility, especially if you’re the kind of guy who likes to carry around receipts and plenty of cash. And their narrow design means that, even though they’re generally a bit bulkier than their bifold brethren, they can easily be slipped into a front pocket.

If you’re looking to stuff your wallet full of your most important information, you’re going to want a trifold. Unlike bifolds, they typically features at least 2 cash stash areas, meaning you can keep your small and large bill separate, or carry around receipts or other important documents without getting them all mixed together with the rest of your bills.

Overall, trifolds are easier to deal with when you’re trying to manage a bunch of cash, and this wallet made by Timberland proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can look damn good while doing it.

Offered in 3 color-blocked colors (or 2 solid colors, if you’re more of a minimalist),  this wallet is crafted using the highest quality Timberland genuine leather, and crafted with an imported textile interior for easy and smooth card and cash access. It’s also stamped with the Timberland logo, and features a beautiful contrast-stitched design.

Including 8 card slots, and an ID-quick-view slot, this wallet is fully featured, including two cash slots which make dealing with large and small bills a breeze.

And measuring 4” high and 3” wide, it does it while still maintaining a relatively compact package. Being a trifold, this wallet won’t win any size competitions, but compared to other products in the range, it merges the utility of a trifold with classic styling that is unbeatable.

If you’re a man with a plan who loves to carry a lot of cash, this is the wallet for you.

Available on Amazon

Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout ID Wallet Bifold Trifold Hybrid

image3 Bifolds are classic for a reason. They’re stylish, convenient, and offer plenty of room for all the credit cards, reward cards, and gift cards you’ve piled up over the years, in addition to space for cash storage. If you think of the word “wallet” a standard bifold is probably what’s going to pop up in your head. However, some bifolds lack the storage capacity of other similar-sized trifolds, which can make switching a bit daunting at times.

But what if we told you could have all the convenience and style of a bifold wallet while getting a little extra storage when you need it?

This Alpine Swiss wallet offers just that. A beautiful genuine leather construction is slim and stylish, and hides a secret flip-out card storage unit that brings its total storage capacity to 15 cards, plus an ID slot.

The flip-out card storage compartment makes this a great wallet for someone who’s always dealt with larger, trifold wallets but may be looking for something a bit more slim and modern, without losing storage capacity.

Now, given that this isn’t a “true” trifold, this wallet offers only one cash storage slot, but it’s fully lined and can fit a surprising amount of cash, so it’s not a problem if you’re not in the habit of carrying loads of money, and don’t need it to be as tightly organized.

If you’ve been carrying a trifold for years, and are curious about trying something new without sacrificing storage capacity, this wallet is the right one for you.

Available on Amazon

 ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip – No.2

If you’re like us, you probably think that money clips are really really cool. And you’re right; there’s something alluring about just pulling out a wad of tightly wrapped cash, peeling off a couple bills or a credit card, and sliding it right back into your pocket.

But let’s face it; most money clips are inconvenient at best, and disastrous at worst. Some lose their form and can’t grip your cash, some are so tight that they won’t release their iron grip, and damage your cash or credit cards, which is the last thing you want from a wallet or money clip. But this unique ROCO money clip avoids those problems with a totally unique aluminum/silicon construction.

The aluminum casing blocks RFID signals, and protects your cards while they’re held in place along with your cash by the silicone money clip. The silicon design gives you a tight hold while still allowing easy access and removal of your cash; you don’t have to worry about it gripping too hard and tearing, or struggling to access your cash while making a purchase.

It’s a great blend of durability and flexibility; you don’t have to worry about squashing your cards even if you typically carry your wallet/money clip in your back pocket, because the brushed aluminum gives them total protection.

It also comes standard with 2 band sizes, so if whether you typically carry 4 cards or over a dozen, it can expand to fit your lifestyle. The brushed aluminum design, subtle ROCO branding, and one-of-a-kind design make this a real head-turner, and it’s incredibly durable (not to mention water-resistant).

If you’re looking into getting a money clip, but are uneasy about letting your cards and cash go totally unprotected, this is the clip for you.

Available on Amazon

 Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Card Holder

If you’re a minimalist looking for a stylish card carrier, and you’re not interested in leather (or just want to try something new) this Herschel Supply Co. “Charlie” Card Holder is sure to pique your interest.

While most card carriers are simple black and brown leather affairs, subtle and designed to be minimalistic, this card holder is constructed of 100% polyester, and it screams “unique”. It’s available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find a wallet that expresses your personality perfectly. If you’re sick of all the minimalism in other brands of card carriers, this is the wallet for you.

Being a minimalist card holder, It’s certainly not designed for people who are used to carrying tons of cards and cash. Its two expandable card slots can each hold up to 3 cards with ease if you’ve got cash in the cash pocket, and up to 5 if you really push it (and aren’t carrying much cash).

And, given its all polyester construction, it’s comfortable to wear in a back pocket, given that it will flex and move with you. The same polyester is also thinner than a leather card-carrier in the same class, meaning that it’s lightweight and barely noticeable when you’re carrying it.

This is probably not the wallet for you if you’re in the habit of carrying a bunch of often-used cards and cash, but if you only need about a half-dozen cards and a small cash-stash, it will cover your bases.

Available on Amazon

 ARCK – Leather Ultra Slim Magic Wallet for Men


Magic wallets are just plain cool. Stash your cash on top of the “x” elastic material, close it up, and it’s magically strapped in, just like that. The elastic design means that your bills are safely strapped in place, and that you can open this wallet up from either side, making it as convenient as it is novel. You might have had one of these as a kid, but they’re certainly not just for kids anymore.

This magic wallet by ARCK is certainly a step-up from the flea-market offerings you might have been familiar with in your childhood. Crafted of high quality leather and featuring a cow suede interior, this wallet features two card slots in the front and two in the back, which allow it to hold up to 8 cards, which are totally accessible without even opening up the wallet.

The “magic” elastic design means that you can fit a surprising amount of cash into this bad boy as well, since it will keep expanding as you add to your stash, and the durable and flexible elastic can hold one bill just as tightly as it holds a dozen, even after prolonged use.

In addition to those features, the ARCK comes with RFID protection, which is a nice bonus feature in today’s world, where identity theft is becoming more and more commonplace.

If you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality version of a classic novelty that’s as well-built as it is fun to use, this ARCK magic wallet is the one for you.

Available on Amazon

The Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

Sick of leather? Tired of textiles? Ready to tell suede to hit the showers? What other options are there when it comes to wallets? Well, there’s plastics!

Wait, where are you going? Come back! Seriously. Plastics. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) also known as Tyvek. This plastic fiber is used in construction and in many postal services, and is renowned for its incredible flexibility, durability, while still being lightweight.

The Dynomighty Mighty Wallet is made of a flexible, durable, lightweight and tear-resistant material that is made by interlocking plastic fibers in a random pattern. It’s also made with a totally seam-free design, meaning it doesn’t have the weak points for tearing that so many leather and textile wallets do.

Complete with two money slots, two hugely expandable card slots, this wallet conforms to whatever you put in it, and the Tyvek construction is water-resistant, hugely durable, and conforms easily to your body and whatever you put inside your wallet. And it’s so lightweight, you’ll barely even notice that you’re carrying it.

It’s also easy to write on – feel free to use your wallet as a notepad in a pinch, or buy a plain one and customize your designs.

It’s also totally recyclable, making it a great green option compared to leather and textile wallets. And, given the price point, you can get a couple, making it easier to express your personality and find the wallet that’s perfect for you.

Available on Amazon

Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder Wallet

If you’re a world traveler, you need a passport wallet. Simple as that. Keeping your passport close to you, yet accessible is one of the most important things you can do to make your travel experience easier, and ensure that you always know where your most important travel documents are.

There’s nothing worse than having to dig through your pockets or backpack to get to your passport – the momentary panicked feeling that you might not know where it is, or may have lost it or had it stolen. You don’t have to worry about that with a passport wallet. If you know where your wallet is, you know where your passport is. Just that simple, just that easy.

Passport wallets are also useful because of their size; due to the different dimensions of bills used in different countries, you may find that you have trouble fitting them into a bifold or trifold, let alone a minimal card-holder. You can also use them to stash your airline tickets, train tickets, or other important travel documents. No more digging through your pockets on a train in Jakarta to try to find your ticket when the conductor comes by with his hole punch!

This wallet by Travelambo comes standard with a passport slot, four slots for cards, and two currency pockets, allowing you to maintain separation of your bills if you’re traveling through multiple questions, or need to stash some travel documents.

All of these currency pockets, card holders, and passport holders are crafted with top-of-the-line RFID technology, meaning that they block unwanted NFC scanners from 10 MHz to 3000 MHz.
A perfect mix of style and convenience, once you travel with a passport wallet, you’ll never want to go back.

Available on Amazon

Front Pocket Wallet By Rogue Wallet

More men than ever are choosing to carry their wallets in their front pockets. With the downsizing of wallets that’s natural in a world where we pay more with credit cards and debit cards than any other form of currency, this makes perfect sense.

Advocates cite numerous benefits. There’s a fair amount of scientific evidence that carrying a large wallet in your back pocket can have negative health effects, such as back pain, due to the natural imbalance that exists when you sit at an angle.

Advocates of front-carrying also cite increased security as a benefit, which does make sense. After all, someone just has to sneak up behind you to pluck your wallet from your back pocket. The depth and location of your front pockets make this quite a bit harder, especially given the fact that you’d naturally be facing the would-be thief.

This Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue is designed specifically with front pocket carrying in mind. While most slim front pocket wallets are designed to be rectangular, this wallet is manufactured with a curve closely mimicking the curve found in almost all men’s pants pockets, which allows it to sit securely, safely, and comfortably at the bottom of your pants pocket, while allowing plenty of space for other items.

It features a full-sized bill compartment, 3 card slots, and an ID holder complete with thumb access, and RFID technology to block unwanted scans of smart cards and IDs.
If you’ve wanted to try out front-pocket carrying, and you’re looking for a wallet that’s purpose-built for it, you’re not going to want  to miss out on this Rogue wallet.

Available on Amazon

Stick On Wallet, Adhesive /ID/Credit Card, Pouch Card, Holder For Android, Smart Phone,iPhone, 3m Pouch, Black by AgentWhite


If you’re a true minimalist, you may not want to carry around a wallet at all. Well, here’s a solution that’s a little more elegant than just carrying your cards and cash around in your pockets; a smartphone-attachable cardholder.

It’s a great solution, right? You carry your phone around with you anywhere you go anyway, and those smartphone-wallet cases are usually kind of huge, bulky, and unattractive. This offering from AgentWhiteUSA is a great way to avoid that bulk, while still being able to carry a huge amount of cards and cash.

This adhesive storage pouch will work with any smartphone, and bonds quickly and tightly while still being removable. Simply remove the back and stick it onto your smartphone. Give it a little time to bond, and then stick in your ID and cash, and get going.

The tightly-holding, expandable card pouch can hold up to a massive 10 cards, or several cards plus some folded cash, so despite lacking multiple cardholders, it’s got plenty of storage room.

If you’re looking for true freedom from all wallets, yet don’t relish the idea of walking around with loose cards and cash in your pockets, you’ll want to check this thing out. It’s cheap, easy-to-use, unique, and totally high quality.

Available on Amazon


That’s it for our list! While it’s not totally comprehensive, we hope we’ve covered the 10 most popular styles of wallets, and given you a good idea of what sort of brands are manufacturing them.

There are more fashionable, function, and diverse offerings on the market today than ever before, so whether you’ve been using the same wallet since 1997, or you can’t go a day without switching it up, we’re sure that you’ll find a product that’s right for you.