Best Self Balancing Scooter – A Buyer’s Guide

Owning a Self-Balancing Scooter, otherwise known as the hoverboard is one of the coolest things you can do in this post-modern era. It can be the most enjoyable ride you will ever experience. Having been featured in the movie Back to the Future, it makes you feel like the future is now.

It is also featured in other movies like The Transformers: The Movie and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Aside from that, pictures and videos of famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jamie Fox, Chris Brown, and Lily Allen have added to the popularity of self-balancing scooters. You can also experience riding the hoverboard in video games like Back to the Future games, AirBlade, Air Boarder 64 and Disney Infinity. But of course, nothing is better than riding the real thing.

You can get one for yourself as a reward for your hard work. It is also a great gift option now that Christmas season is just around the corner. The receiver will surely be delighted to receive this innovative gadget. So, if you have a son who is excelling in school or in other activities, a friend who has done great things for you, a father who has always been there or a husband whom you truly love, consider giving him one of these fantastic self-balancing scooters.
Self-Balancing Scooters can be used both for entertainment and commute purposes. It is a great device to race with friends and to discover exciting tricks. It can also be used to transport to work, school or other places. Self-balancing scooters will make going places and doing errands more fun than ever. Just make sure to check local laws about the limitations of Self Balancing Scooters.

Self-balancing scooters are both environmental and economical because they run on batteries, and they do not emit harmful smokes. They require minimal maintenance unlike other forms of transportation.

So, you have decided to buy a hoverboard, but you have no idea where to start. With all the options, available to choose from, it can be confusing to select. We have narrowed down your search to these amazing Self-Balancing Scooters so it will be easier for you to pick the one that is best for you.

Best Self Balancing Scooter for Preteens and Teenagers


Youngsters are already old enough to own a Self-Balancing Scooter, however, they might not be that careful yet so we have chosen products that are not too expensive but are safe to use. This kind of present is best to give those who already love roller skates; they will surely enjoy this upgraded version of the toy.

Remember always to put safety first. Before giving the scooter, read the instructions with them and make sure they understand. Practice with them indoors before they play it outside. It is best to wear helmets, knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads while using the hoverboards.


  1. Womail Pro Two Wheel Skateboard Skate Cycle Sport Smart Self Balancing Foldable Scooter SkatecycleWomail Pro Two Wheel Skateboard Skate Cycle Sport Smart Self Balancing Foldable Scooter Skatecycle

This hip gadget has aluminum T-tube frame and deck making it perform strongly even on bumpy tracks and jagged pavement. It has a patented rear fender power-assisted brake for sudden breaks. It comes in black, blue and white. It has 220 pounds load capacity. The dimension of Womail Pro Two Wheel Skateboard Skate Cycle is 76cm x 24cm x 16.5cm and the material is alloy.

It offers smooth sliding motion in any direction. It is engineered in a way to make movement easier and carefree. It is designed to take full advantage of human body mechanics so you do not strain any of your body parts. You can have the peace of mind when you give this to your kid because the materials are sturdy and the design principle is safe.

Transport of the device is easy because it is foldable and lightweight at only 7.94 pounds.

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  1. Tengchang Pro X8 Skateboard Skate Cycle Sport Black 2 Wheel Smart Self Balancing ScooterTengchang Pro X8 Skateboard Skate Cycle Sport Black 2 Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter

This self-balancing scooter’s materials are composed of ABS plastic and PU wheel. The materials are not just sturdy, but eco-friendly too. It is a fashionable and superior quality self-balancing hubless skateboard. The footplate is made up of non-skid matte to prevent the rider from slipping and losing balance.

Its PU wheel is sure to last for long because it is high-elastic and wear-resilient. This can be brought anywhere with convenience due to its foldable lock. Feel free to ride in on any pavement and to practice your tricks with it.

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  1. Powerboard by HOVERBOARDPowerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard is one of the best-selling boards in the market. It has a modern and chic design with extremely bright front LED lights. It runs smoothly and gives you a feeling of flight due to its fast speed and powerful motor. It is easy to learn, it can take only 5 minutes to get the hang of it.

You can go fast at a speed of as much as 10km/hour. You can enjoy it non-stop for as long as 6 hours because of its long battery life. The charging time for its Samsung battery takes less than an hour only, one of the fastest charging batteries of self-balancing scooters. There is a light indicator to warn you if the battery is running low. The mechanism for acceleration and drift are made simply. To go forward or reverse just lean towards the direction you intend to go.

Safety is certain in this product. It will not overheat. It has been approved by the U.S government with a guarantee that it will not cause a fire due to overheating or producing a spark.

It is durable and strong with a weight of 30 lbs and comes with a carry-on bag for ease of transport. Kids and adults can use this scooter. The foot panel is enough for adult feet and it is wrapped with non-slip material to keep the rider from slipping and losing balance. The maximum load capacity is 220 lbs.

The wheels measure 6 inches with foot pads close to the ground. It has wide footpads and sensitive pressure sensors which make steering and maneuvering easier.

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  1. Swagtron T1 – UL2272 Certified Hands-Free Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric ScooterSwagtron T1 - UL2272 Certified Hands-Free Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

This blend of skateboard and scooter is one of the coolest things you can have. It has bright LED headlights which change colors and battery gauges to update you on the status of the battery.  It is made up of a light-weight shell with rubber bumpers. No need to worry about safety because it has passed safety tests by the government. It has UL 2272 certification, one of the earliest brands in the world to gain this certification. It is equipped with safety features to keep the rider free from danger at all times. It is housed in an aluminum alloy to protect the inner parts against moisture and heat. It has branded lithium ion battery with Sentryshield protection equipped to be resistant against overcharging and overheating.

You can enjoy riding at a speed of 8 mph and you can reach as far as 12 miles. The inclination power is 30 degrees.  Just check the battery gauge to find out when it is time to charge. The charge time is one hour.

The casing is smartly designed to be durable. The wheels are made of aluminum with excellent traction. It also comes with non-skid foot pedals for more comfortable and safer use.

Swagtron provides a learning mode option and standard option so it is a great choice for beginners. The mechanisms are made simple and easy so anyone can learn it quickly. It is very responsive even to subtle movements. The rider must weigh between 44-220 lbs. Colors available to choose from are white, blue, red, black, pink and gold.

This self-balancing scooter weighs 22 lbs with a product warranty of one year.

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  1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart ScooterRazor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 does not only look so cool but it also functions brilliantly. This product has world-class quality made by the renowned company Razor, a trusted frontrunner in electronic recreational gadgets. It has excellently passed safety standards. It is the safest self-balancing scooter you can find.It has U.S. Patent No. 8,738,278. It has anti-slip foot grip platforms which add up to its safety properties.

Features include a couple of LED lights, fender bumpers and LED battery indicator. It has shatter-resistant polymer frame for sturdiness and durability. It comes with 36V lithium ion batteries that have quick charging time. It has a couple of hub motors with gyro sensor mechanism which works silently. It is embellished with aluminum Razor-branded hubcaps. It also features great quality aluminum hub wheels and rubber tires.

The speed reaches up to 8+mph and running time of one hour straight. You can go ahead up on slopes with 25 degrees angle. Though the speed may be slower compared to other brands, the other features compensate for it, especially if safety and smooth riding are your priority.  The speed is also recommended for younger riders to keep them safe. The charging time is two hours. It is equipped with EverBalance technology for a safer, more comfortable, easier and smoother cruise. It is engineered to keep your balance at all times; whether you are indoors or outdoors. It runs simply so once you learned how to operate, it becomes natural.

The materials are built to last. It runs silently in a powerful manner. It has two riding modes so the gadget can adjust with you as you learn your way towards proficiency. You can choose between training and normal modes.

No need to worry about assembly because it arrives at you in one piece. It weighs 26 lbs so you need a carry-on bag with it for easier transportation. The dimension of the board is 25″ x 9″ x 9″ and the size of the wheels is 6.5 inches.

Kids as young as 8 years old can already use this scooter.  The maximum weight of the rider is 220 pounds.  It has 1-year product warranty and is available in red or blue.

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  1. HOVERZON S Self Balancing HoverboardHOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard

HOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard is another great option for you. This terrific looking hoverboard comes with multilayer battery protection, fire resistant casing and sensor pedals which have all passed safety standards. It has stabilized mechanism for better control. It also has training and regular modes for a different level of users.

This can be used by eight-year-olds but it can be balanced better when the rider is heavier. It offers a smooth, responsive and comfortable ride. It comes in gold, black, white, pink, red and blue colors. There are a couple of bumpers that come with the package.

The dimension of Hoverson S is 23 x 4 x 7 inches. It has ABS hard casing, aluminum wheels, and hard rubber tires. The maximum speed is at 8mph and the maximum range is 12 miles. The charging time is at 2-3 hours.

This hoverboard is stable and easy to drive and maneuver. You can use this at night because it has bright blue LED headlights. It has sensitive controls so you have plenty of freedom while riding. Once you have passed the training mode, you can enjoy a speedy ride with its regular mode.

One downside is that there is no indicator if the battery is fully charged. You have to turn it on to see if the battery is green.

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  1. Freerider SkatecycleFreerider Skatecycle

The Galaxy Freerider X8 is a futuristic skateboard. It has a couple of 9-inch hub-less wheels. This device is engineered for maximum flexibility of the rider. Direction can be changed by twisting your body and feet. This self-balancing scooter is driven through a unique twisting mechanism. The movement of your feet and body will allow the device to move forward.

This hoverboard is convenient for traveling and storage because it is foldable. It is made from strong aluminum alloy and sturdy polyurethane wheels. It has a maximum load capacity of 100kg and is recommended for ages 13 and above. The operating system makes riding simpler and with more freedom.

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Best Self Balancing Scooter for Adults and Professionals


If you are already an expert and would like to explore more terrains and tricks, here are your choices. They are more expensive because of their added features. These options are great if you like to replace your old self-balancing scooter.

  1. Jetson Electric Bikes RoverJetson Electric Bikes Rover

This futuristic gadget is not available on the market yet. It will be released on October 1, 2016, but you can order now. Be one of the first to test this state-of-the-art self-balancing scooter. The 8.5 inches tires of Jetson Rover V8 are made powerfully for any terrain. Unlike usual hoverboards with only 2 modes, it has 3 levels of speed modes so you can really level up your game. The driving modes are learning, standard and pro. It comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your favorite songs as you ride.

It has bright LED lights on both front and rear so you can enjoy riding it safely even at night. This self-balancing scooter is powered by a couple of 400W motors with self-regulating Gyros. It comes with 1 lithium battery.

There is a free app that comes when you purchase one of this which will make your riding experience even more efficient and fun.

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  1. Skagway Swagtron T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter with SentryShieldSkagway Swagtron T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter with SentryShield

This revolutionary balance scooter has advanced safety features to ensure protection while you are having fun. You can go as fast as 8 mph and reach up to 7-12 miles. It also has a learning mode so there is no worry if it is your first time to use a self-balancing scooter. Learning mode controls your speed until you are ready to go for the maximum speed. It has three riding modes; learning, standard and advanced.

This fine looking board has a fireproof frame and a sturdy hard shell. The body has been redesigned to make it look more hip and sporty.  It is engineered with Stop Safe technology and comprehensive smart battery management system. It is designed to monitor changes to protect against short circuiting, overheating, overcharging and overcurrent. The stop safe system will direct you to a stable rolling stop in case you enjoy riding so much; you failed to check the battery indicator so you suddenly run out of power.

You can enjoy your adventure music while riding because of its built-in high-quality Bluetooth speaker which you can sync to any Bluetooth enabled device.  It comes with a SwagTron app which is available for both iOS and android which traces your paths, monitors battery and allows you to choose the speed mode with an easy click.

You are free to safely use this device even in the evening or night because of its bright SwagTron LED headlights. The lights automatically turn on when you stand on the foot pads. You can go ahead and enjoy your adventure time long after the sun has set.

It has indicator lights so you know how much time you have left before you need to charge. The battery is UL certified and has passed a 10-ton crush check. The motors are sensitive enough and they respond to pressure excellently.

You can choose from white, blue, black, gold, or garnet colors. Beneath your scooter, there is a carry strap made from sturdy fabric so you can carry it easier in case you do not have a bag.

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  1. HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing HoverboardHOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard

This upgraded version of Self Balancing Hoverboard from Hoverzon is perfect all kinds of riders. It has high-class multilayer battery protection.  Safety is guaranteed with its Ul2272 certified flame resistant shell and sensor pedals. It is controlled by solid, double independent motor and gear balance. It also has enhanced, non-slippery pedal sensors for more comfortable and safer ride.

It is equipped with advanced battery management mechanism for better quality performance. It has 5 levels of indicator to let you know if it is already time to charge. It will take a couple of hours to fully charge the battery.

Riding is now trendier because of its integrated Bluetooth speaker and colorful front and rear LED lead lights which lit up automatically when the scooter is moving.

There are 3-speed modes to choose from. Practice mode is recommended for beginners. The standard mode works best for skilled riders and advanced more for expert riders.

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  1. EPIKGO Electrical Self Balance BoardEPIKGO Electrical Self Balance Board

Every detail of the chic and stylish EPIKGO Electrical Self Balance Board is polished to make epic riding adventure possible. It has UL2271 certified battery with intelligent protection.

The wheels of this revolutionary board have been carefully manufactured. The wheels are undoubtedly very important in any riding device. The 8.5 inch powerful tires and alloy wheels provide a firm grip to make riding possible for all kinds of terrains. Whether you want to go over puddles, grass, cement, pavement, dirt or sand, you can proceed smoothly without hesitation. The wheels are manufactured for supreme performance allowing it to reach places where no other self-balancing scooters have been before. It can even go up slopes up to 18 degrees so you can go on with your tricks and reach new heights.

This device has been approved by 159-point safety tests. The rider can be confident to ride safely without the threat or overheating and short circuiting. The body frame is made of durable aluminum alloy. One of the unique features of this self-balancing scooter is its semi-submersible property. It has Ip56 certification. Because it is waterproof, it can be used safely even during damp weather. You can go ahead and try how it feels to ride over muddy terrain.

Unlike other boards, the board of this scooter is wider, providing more foot space thereby allowing more stable ride and more control for the rider. It also offers exceptional balance for a wonderful riding experience.

It has twice more power due to its 400W dual motors so you can fully reach the speed, acceleration and drift you want to achieve. You can go as fast as 12mph and reach 8.5 miles with a full battery.

This self-balancing scooter is skillfully created with dual digital sensors which makes the board effortlessly adjust based on the weight and natural movements of the rider. It has sleek and intelligent features to ensure stability and safety on every kind of terrain.

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  1. MAXFIND Light Weight Electric ScooterMAXFIND Light Weight Electric Scooter

MAXFIND Light Weight Electric Scooter is powered by dual 360W motors. The board is made from 8-ply Maple deck. It comes with revolutionary software which allows shifting of power and speed levels for different kinds of riders.

The dimension of this self-balancing scooter is 965mm x 254 mm and a height of 107mm from the ground. The wheels are made from polyurethane with 83mm diameter. The battery is Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion with charging time of only one hour.

Package comes with a wireless remote controller, electric skateboard, instruction manual, and packaging.

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  1. F-Wheel 4 Wheels Portable Note Book Size with Smartphone APP Control, Atmosphere Lamp, Hoverboard,Self-Balance Scooter,Car Electric Kick Scooter Powered WalkcarF-Wheel 4 Wheels Portable Note Book Size with Smartphone APP Control, Atmosphere Lamp, Hoverboard,Self-Balance Scooter,Car Electric Kick Scooter Powered Walkcar

Unlike other self-balancing scooters, this has four wheels and it has a different shape. It is an ideal form of transport and entertainment for kids and adults alike. This portable device has hip and cool design. You can enjoy it even at night with its atmosphere lamp.

It has two working modes, beginner and premium for different levels of riders. The beginner mode makes learning safer and easier. Once you are comfortable riding the device, you can go ahead and shift to premium mode.

The back covering is made from magnesium alloy while the upper shell is made from flame-resistant ABS plastic. It has removable battery design. The battery passed triple security system and it has UL certified charger. All the materials and mechanism ensures high safety.

Another advantage of this device is its portability. It is light weight and easy to be transported, it can even fit inside a backpack. The weight of this is 5.5kg, the lightest among the self-balancing scooters mentioned here. It has a load capacity of 120kg.

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Conclusion: What to consider before deciding on which Self Balancing Scooter to Buy


Just in case you have not decided yet which one to purchase. Here are general pointers you need to remember before choosing:

  1. Unique features of the self-balancing scooter

Go for the one that has the best or most unique features that other hoverboards do not have. Think about the one most important feature you want. If you want the fastest one then filter out those that do not have competent speed. It is recommended to choose slower brands if the scooter is intended for a kid. If you want to go for the one which can climb the highest, then look at the one with the best climbing angle.

List all the features you want the scooter to have and match it against the features of the different brands.

  1. Usage of the Scooter

Why do you need the scooter? Is it for entertainment alone or will you use it for transport. If you plan to use it for traveling, and then calculate the amount of time you need to get there. If you want to use it going to school and your school is 5 kilometers away, the scooter you will choose must have a battery that will last for at least 5 kilometers. Be realistic on how you intend to use it. Consider the laws against the use of self-balancing scooters in your locality.

If you are going to give it as a present, predict on how the receiver will use it most likely. This is to make sure the gadget will be used to its full capacity and the receiver will find the present really useful. If you are not sure, you can subtly ask him or her so you have a clue.

  1. Scooter’s Appearance

You have to consider this well especially if you are planning to give it as a gift. Most of the brands come in different designs and colors to choose from. It would be best to go for the receiver’s favorite color. If you are planning to give it to a girl, then pick a design that is more feminine unless you know that it is not her taste. If you are unsure of the colors, black and white are always safe options.

Look at the scooters’ details like shape, size, and overall visual appeal. It should look cool and futuristic.

In case you are not happy with the appearance of what you bought, there are different designs of protective skins for sale. It will not only improve the appearance of your scooter, it will protect it too.

  1. The cost of the self-balancing scooter

The scooter you pick must provide a good value for your money. Compare the features against the cost of the scooter. Decide on things that are worth paying more for, like guaranteed safety features.

Be careful on choosing cheaper alternatives, cheaper cost means they used cheaper materials which may compromise the quality and safety of the product.

If it is your first time to buy one, it may be more practical not to go for super expensive brands. Try a brand that has reasonable cost first. If you get the hang of it and want upgraded features, and then it is time to buy a more expensive one. It would be a waste if you buy the most expensive brand then finding out later on that self-balancing scooters are really not your thing.

  1. Safety

Safety should be a major consideration in every product you are buying. Make sure that the scooter you will choose will not explode or put you in any kind of danger. Look for products with UL safety certifications. Look forUL 1642 certification for batteries and UL 60950-1 certification for the charger.Go for those that have protection systems against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.

Apart from buying a self-balancing a scooter that is guaranteed safe, it is best to wear safety devices like helmets, wrist pads, knee pads and elbow pads while riding; especially for beginners.

  1. Product Warranty

When a product has a warranty, you know that the manufacturers are confident with their product. Be wary of products without warranty or very short one. Go for those that are offering at least one-year warranty, to make sure you bought a quality product and your money will not go to waste in case it is destroyed within a short span of time. Some brands are even offering up to 2 years’ warranty.

  1. The reputation of the company

If a company has been producing excellent products in the past, it is more likely for them to release new products that are just as excellent or even better. Be wary of companies which have been making lousy products. It is not worth the risk.

Read about the reputation of the company. If the company has an excellent track record, then you know you are in good hands. Make use of the reviews for your advantage.

  1. The amount of weight it can carry

Be sure to choose a scooter that can carry your weight or you will end up destroying the device immediately or you might not even be able to use it. Add allowance to your weight especially if you intend to carry other things while riding your self-balancing scooter. Most brands have a load capacity of 220 lbs. Do not dare to go for a product with a capacity of 220 lbs if you weigh exactly that. You might gain weight and you may need to carry some stuff while riding the scooter.

  1. The size and materials of the wheels

Just like cars and other means of land transportation, the wheels play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of the riding device. Opt for those with larger wheels because it will provide more stable balance and perform better on uneven surfaces. Larger wheels are better for proper body mechanics too. Eight inch wheels are a good standard.

But if you plan to only use the scooter indoors, then smaller wheels will not be that bothersome. Large wheels can cause trouble indoors if you a have low ceiling.Smaller wheels are best for smooth paths. Go for wheels which are made from sturdy materials. Choose wheels which are pneumatic because they perform better even on rough surfaces. The only advantage of solid wheels over pneumatic wheels is that solid wheels will not go flat.

  1. Durability of the scooter

Go for a scooter that is made of durable materials, especially the wheels. The wheels will be going through much stress with every ride so they must be able to withstand it within prolonged periods of time. Every part of the scooter must be sturdy too.

After you have bought one, do your part to make sure the self-balancing scooter will last for as long as it can. Follow instructions carefully and go only for terrains and tricks it can withstand. Buy protective skins for added protection. Do not unnecessarily expose the scooter to extreme weather conditions and extreme temperature. Properly keep your hoverboard so that your very young housemates will not play with them.

  1. The size of the board

Go for boards with just the right size. A supper narrow board is not a good thing neither is a super broad board. Choose a size where you can naturally stand comfortably. It is easier to balance and ride when the size of the board is just right. Measure your feet and compare it against the dimensions of the boards.

  1. Weight of the self-balancing scooter

If you plan to use the scooter in far places, it is practical for you to choose a lightweight one. You cannot possibly ride it everywhere because of terrain and legality so you have to carry it for some distances. It will be exhausting if you choose a heavy brand. Lighter brands are also easier to keep.

  1. Length of time it can run with a single charge

It will not be so much fun if you are interrupted every now and then because your scooter has low batteries. Look for a brand that has long running time before the battery gets drained. Some brands last up to six hours with just a single charge.

If you are traveling and you would like to maximize your scooter, do not forget to bring your charger with you.

  1. The Seller’s Rating and Reviews

The rating of the seller will give you a peace of mind when buying. Reviews are also helpful because they come from firsthand experience of the users.  It is great if you can watch some videos to actually see how the self-balancing scooters perform.

Do not risk buying from sellers who have a very lousy reputation. Some products also do not have reviews yet so you might want to wait first before making your purchase.

The Final Verdict


Hopefully, you have already decided on which product to buy. Self-balancing scooters are very good investment especially if you use them properly. Very few gadgets provide all the benefits you can get from hoverboards. Just remember to always keep safety in mind.

Self-balancing scooters are easy to use. It will add up to your confidence to learn a new skill. There is only a very small percentage of the world’s population who know how to ride the hoverboard, and you will be one of the chosen ones when you decide to buy one. They are incredibly fun and you can reach places faster without getting stuck in traffic. You can even reap health benefits from riding a self-balancing scooter like strengthening your core.